This page tells you where, when and how to get tested for COVID-19 in Berlin. It is updated when there is new information.

Where can I get tested for coronavirus in Berlin?

What types of coronavirus tests are available?

There are 3 types of coronavirus tests in Berlin1.

  • PCR test (PCR-Abstrichtest or Labortest)
    This is the standard test. The test is send to a laboratory, and the results come a few days later. It is slower, but more reliable. It is better at detecting coronavirus1.
  • Rapid Antigen Detection test (Schnelltest)
    This test gives results in a few minutes1. It is cheaper and faster, but it's not as reliable as PCR tests. It might not detect that you are infected, especially in the first week after you were infected1.
  • Antibody test (Antikörper-Test)
    This only tells you if you had coronavirus before.

When will I get my test results?

With a PCR test, you will get results in 1 to 5 days1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You can see your test results on the MDI website (click COVID-19 Testergebnisse MDI-Limbach), or in the Corona-Warn-App. Private testing centres will send an email or an SMS. If you got tested at BER, you will get results in less than 24 hours by email, and on the Centogene website.

With a rapid antigen test, you will get a result in around 30 minutes.

How much does a test cost?

If you get a PCR test, and...

  • have coronavirus symptoms
    The test is free. Your health insurance pays for it.
  • travel from a risk area
    You must pay for your test. Rapid antigen tests are cheaper than PCR tests. The cheapest rapid antigen test is 25€.
  • ...your family doctor prescribes a test
    The test is free. Your health insurance pays for it1.
  • do not travel from a risk area and you do not have coronavirus symptoms
    You must pay for your test1. The coronavirus test costs 69€1 at the official testing centres. The cheapest PCR test is 49€.

If you get a rapid antigen test, you must pay 25€ to 75€. It depends on where you get tested. Your health insurance will not pay for it.

Testing requirements for travellers

You can find more details about the testing requirements on

Travel, quarantine and testing. Official information from ➞

    Testing requirements for residents

    Official page: What to do if you suspect you have symptoms (the official page not always up-to-date)

    • If you have acute coronavirus symptoms1, or if you were in contact with an infected person, call your local Gesundheitsamt, or 116 1171, 2. They will decide if you need a test, and tell you where to go.
      • If they decide you need a test...
        You must self-quarantine until you get tested1. You health insurance pays for the test1.
      • If they decide you don't need a test...
        You can get tested by your family doctor (Hausarzt), your employer, or a medical clinic. See the "List of test locations" section below.
    • If you do not have symptoms...
      It's hard to get tested, even if you were in contact with an infected person1, 2. You might need to go to a clinic, and pay for the test. See the "List of test locations" section below.
    • If you work in a school, a healthcare facility or a Kita...
      You can get tested at a Vivantes clinic, even if you don't have symptoms1, 2. You need an appointment first.

    If you need a sick note (Krankschreibung) for your employer, just call your doctor. Your doctor can give you a sick note over the phone1. Always call before going in person.