This guide helps you find cinemas that play movies in English in Berlin.

OmU? OV? OmeU?

  • OmU means original version with subtitles (Original mit Untertiteln). The subtitles are usually in German.
  • OmeU means original version with English subtitles (Originalversion mit englischen Untertiteln).
  • OmU+ means original version with English and German subtitles.
  • OV means original version. The movie is in its original language, and there are no subtitles.

English movie playtimes

Use to find which movies are currently playing in Berlin. You can search for movies in their original language, with or without subtitles.

List of cinemas

These cinemas usually screen movies in English, with or without subtitles. Yorck Kinos usually have movies in English.

In the summer, some of these cinemas also screen open air movies. You can watch movies outdoors.