List of English-speaking doctors and GPs in Berlin

This is how you can find an English-speaking doctor or GP.

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List of doctors and GPs

This list is compiled by hand. If a doctor is missing, contact me.

Video call with a doctor

A video call is faster and easier than a doctor visit. It’s a good way to get a sick note.

The TeleClinic and apps let you schedule a video call with a doctor. It’s only in German, but some doctors speak English.

This service is free. Your public health insurance pays for it. Your private health insurance reimburses it.

Other doctor databases

These databases have more English-speaking doctors:

The information on these website can be inaccurate. Some doctors don’t speak the language that they list.1

Ask your health insurance too. TK has a list of English-speaking doctors. They can even book an appointment for you.

Doctor hotlines

Call 116117. They might not speak English.

This free hotline can:

  • Tell you what to do if you feel sick
  • Book a doctor appointment
  • Book a doctor visit to your house

For emergencies, call 112. They speak English.

Sources and footnotes
  1. Elliot Herman (April 2024)