List of English-speaking doctors and GPs in Berlin

List of English-speaking doctors and GPs in Berlin

These doctors serve their patients in English in Berlin.

The doctors listed below were recommended by the community because they speak English. This list is updated whenever we find new English-speaking doctors. If someone is missing from this list, let us know.

You can also use this database to search for English-speaking doctors in Berlin.


Dorothee Michel

"Bergmannstraße 25"

Dr. med. Bertolt Olsen

"Münzstraße 3"

Herr Dr. med. Anton Kugler

"Askanischer Pl. 1"
Dr med Anton Kugler and Dr med Astrid Vonau speak English.

Dr. Ilker-A.Aydin

"Tegeler Weg 4"

Dr. Michael Latzke

"Zionskirchstraße 23"

Dr. Ajay Bindra

"Karl-Marx-Straße 188"
Dr. Ajay Bindra speaks English and Hindi

Dr. med. Thomas Raile

"Mohrenstraße 6"

Gemeinschaftspraxis Schlesisches Tor

"Köpenicker Str. 1"

Dr. Sylvia Kollmann

"Nassauische Str. 25"
American doctor

Dr. med. Petra Jordan

"Driesener Str. 11"

Dr. med. Nadja Dreysse

"Joachim-Friedrich-Straße 53"

Dr. med. Lisa Liccini


Martina Schreen Allgemeinmedizin Hausarzt Berlin

"Winsstraße 56"
Dr. Martina Schreen speaks English

Praxis Dr. Peter Oblaski

"Klixstraße 4"

Andreas Stein Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin

"Rathausstraße 7"
Dr. med. Andreas Stein speaks English

Praxis Dr. Peter Oblaski

"Klixstraße 4"
Dr. Oblaski speaks English.

Praxis Dr. Cordes

"Warschauer Str. 33"
Dr. Cordes speaks English and Spanish.

Dr. med. Babette Schulze-Icking

"Rubensstraße 119"


"Kurfürstendamm 42"
This practice is often mentioned in expat circles.

Dr. med. Christopher Marchand

"Pestalozzistraße 57A"
Dr. Marchand speaks French and English.

Dr. med. Eva Essers

"Dieffenbachstraße 65"

Dr. Daniel Engert

"Falckensteinstraße 8"

Dr. Sophie Rüggeberg

"Jacobsohnstraße 20"
Dr. Rüggeberg speaks English and Spanish


  • J.

    While I understand that tourists or people who have recently moved to Berlin from abroad are in need of English speaking medical personnel, it is an absolute mystery to me how you can live here for 3+ years, work here, still barely speak any German and then expect to have a huge parallel infrastructure that serves you in English so you can continue not bothering learning the language of the country you live in.

  • Elisabeth

    I just spoke with Dr Dorothee Michel herself on the phone, and she does not speak English! She didn't even really bother what my question was (kept me on hold talking to other people while with me on the phone) when I was trying to explain my situation in German. Whereas her only response was "keine neu kunden" and hung up after.

  • Becky

    Please I have been searching for doctors that speak English around heerstraße or obstallee for my kids, my kids need doctor

  • Stacey Stuart

    Thank you for the article HOWEVER; I have tried several Dr.'s on this list and while perhaps they speak english, their receptionists will NOT help anyone who speaks english. Super frustrating!

  • Jan Gilbert Büchner Albert-Einstein-Str. 2, 12489 Berlin tel. 63922391 Dr.Büchner speaks English.

  • Malish Eresto

    Can I meet this doctors without appointment in case of emergency.

  • Sheldon Drake

    Daniel Engert has a small praxis on Falckensteinstr. He speaks excellent English, and is a very nice fellow. They also have walk-in hours, which is useful for tourists