If you're new in Germany, it's hard to know what the supermarkets, furniture stores or hardware stores are called. This guide will help you find them.


  • Aldi - Discount supermarket.
  • Bio Company - Bio supermarket
  • denn's Biomarkt - Bio supermarket
  • Edeka - Regular supermarket. Slightly higher prices.
  • Kaufland - Large supermarket
  • Lidl - Discount supermarket.
  • Netto - Discount supermarket.
  • Real - Department store with a large food section.
  • REWE - Regular supermarket. Greater selection, meat/cheese counter, slightly higher prices.
  • REWE City - Smaller version of REWE with fewer products.

If you need fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, look for Turkish supermarkets. They sell fresh produce by weight, usually at a lower price. Most of them have a meat counter.

If you are looking for special ingredients such as brown sugar, graham crumbs, dopio zero flour, Marmite or maple syrup, see this guide.

If you just need to buy drinks and snacks, you can look for a nearby Späti.

Most grocery stores are closed on Sundays, but there are some exceptions.

Hygiene products

These stores sell cosmetics, hygiene products, household products, baby products and more.

Most dm and Rossmann stores are closed on Sundays, but there are some exceptions.


  • Saturn - Electronics and appliances
  • Mediamarkt - Electronics and appliances
  • Medimax - Electronics and appliances
  • Conrad - Electronics and parts for hobbyists


  • Thalia - Bookstore chain
  • Dussmann - Giant bookstore near Friedrichstrasse

Furniture and house supplies

  • Dänisches Bettenlager - Textiles and bathroom supplies
  • IKEA - Furniture and house supplies store.
  • Poco - Discount furniture and house supplies store.
  • Real - Department store with large food section.
  • eBay Kleinanzeigen - The most popular classified ads website in Germany. Similar to Craigslist or Kijiji.
  • Otto.de (online) - Large online furniture retailer

If you need help to move furniture, you can use a Möbel Taxi, or rent a van with Miles. You can find more moving services on eBay Kleinanzeigen.

Hardware and home improvement

Car and motorcycle parts

  • ATU - Car parts store
  • Louis - Motorcycle parts and equipment

Pet stores

Shopping malls

Art supplies