Where to eat American pizza in Berlin

Where to eat American pizza in Berlin

Once in a while, the thin Italian slices just don't cut it, and you are in for thick, nasty American pizza. Few make New York or Chicago-style pizza in Berlin, but they exist! Below is a list of places gathered from American expats living in Berlin.


Villa di Wow

"Ohlauer Str. 30"
Whether Villa di Wow's pizza is truly New York style is still a source of debate among the reviewers, but in any case, all agree to call it a good pizza.

Liberty Pizza

"Potsdamer Str. 3"
Thick American pizza with a wide choice of toppings, including true American pepperoni. Delivery is only available in Zehlendorf, Kleinmachnow and Lichterfelde

Salami Social Club

"Frankfurter Allee 43"
A highly-rated American pizza place in Friedrichshain

Manhattan Pizza

"Albrechtstr. 114"
Ironically selling Chicago-style pizza.