List of English-speaking psychiatrists in Berlin

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  • How to find an English-speaking psychiatrist
  • The difference between psychiatrists and psychotherapists

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Psychiatrist or psychotherapist?

Psychiatrists solve mental health problems with medical treatments. They are doctors who studied medicine. They can diagnose mental health problems and prescribe medication.

Psychotherapists solve mental health problems with therapy. They studied psychotherapy. They can diagnose mental health problems. They can’t prescribe medication.1

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English-speaking psychotherapists in Berlin

How hard is it to find a psychiatrist?

It’s hard. It’s much harder if you have public health insurance, because many psychiatrists prefer clients with private health insurance.

List of English-speaking psychiatrists

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These directories help you find English-speaking psychiatrists:

  • KV Berlin – Find psychiatrists who accept public health insurance by language
  • Doctolib – Find psychiatrists by language
  • Doctena – Find psychiatrists by language

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Your employer and your university might give you access to psychotherapy. It could be easier than finding a therapist yourself.

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