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Content policy

The content on this website follows four principles:

  • It's clear
    The content must be easy to understand. It must use simple language, and explain the "obvious" things. Many readers do not speak German. Many readers are not native English speakers. Most readers did not grow up in Germany.
  • It's free
    The content must be completely free to access. Information belongs to everyone. It must not be hidden behind paywalls or registration forms. This website must give as much as possible, and ask for as little as possible.
  • It's trustworthy
    The content must be honest and neutral. It must give genuine advice and help people make the right decisions. It's the same advice I would give to my best friend. It cannot deceive the readers. It cannot be altered for advertising purposes.
  • It's accurate
    The content must be complete, correct, up-to-date and verifiable. Sources must be provided. Readers rely on this content to make important decisions.

Advertising policy

This website is built for advice, not ads. I sometimes work with advertisers, but never at the readers' expense. This is important to me.

  • Good advice, not good sales
    I mention products and services when they are relevant, but I only promote products that I genuinely recommend. If I mention one option, I also mention its alternatives, including free options. The goal of this is to give people good, neutral advice.
  • I don't let advertisers influence the content
    I don't accept guest posts. I don't follow branding guidelines. I don't let advertisers review my content, but I do rely on their expertise.
  • I use affiliate links
    Some guides contain affiliate links. When you click on those links and buy something, I earn a commission. This is how I keep the website completely free, and still live from it. It does not cost the readers anything.

Privacy policy

This website tracks statistics anonymously with Plausible. It does not set tracking cookies, and it does not collect personal data. Statistics are stored on servers in the European Union, and they are not shared with nor sold to other companies.

This website sometimes saves form data in your browser's localStorage. This saves you some time if you use the form again. This information is not shared with anyone, not even me.

This website also collects server error logs for debugging purposes. The logs are anonymised and do not contain personal data.

Terms of service

The information on this website is provided "as-is", without any guarantees. Its authors disclaim all liability for actions taken or not taken based on that information, or for any errors or omissions it may contain.