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Content policy

The content on this website follows four principles:

Advertising policy

This website is built for advice, not ads. I sometimes work with advertisers, but never at the readers’ expense. This is important to me.

Privacy policy


This website tracks statistics anonymously with Plausible. It does not set tracking cookies, and it does not collect personal data. Statistics are stored on servers in the European Union, and they are not shared with nor sold to other companies.

Local storage

This website sometimes saves form data in your browser’s local storage. This preserves the form data when you reload the page. This information is not shared with anyone, not even All About Berlin. It’s only visible to you in your browser.


The forms and tools on this website are designed for privacy. Your data stays in your browser. It is not shared your information with anyone, not even All About Berlin.

When you ask a question or request a service on All About Berlin, your request is sent to All About Berlin’s server. Your request is processed, then your data is deleted as fast as possible. In most cases, your data is deleted after a few minutes. No personal data is sent without a clear action from you.


This website collects server error logs for debugging purposes. The logs are anonymised and do not contain personal data.

Terms of service

The information on this website is provided “as-is”, without any guarantees. Its authors disclaim all liability for actions taken or not taken based on that information, or for any errors or omissions it may contain.