Berlin thrives on remixing, repurposing, recycling and upcycling. Whether you want to pawn your old film camera or build a robot out of scrap metal, Berlin's vibrant community has you covered.

Where to buy and sell things

Buy and sell things

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Facebook groups

If you want to trade with English-speaking Berliners, try Sell Your Stuff Berlin or Free Your Stuff Berlin. You must be approved before you can join those groups.

Groups for buying and selling bicycles:


You really don't need a car in Berlin. Buying a bicycle or using public transit is a better choice. You can also rent a car when you need it.

How to buy a car in Germany ➞

How to buy a bicycle in Berlin ➞


  • Vinted — Sell or trade used clothes

How to donate clothes in Berlin ➞

Flea markets

You can also visit flea markets. They happen every Sunday all over Berlin.

Where to donate things