Berlin thrives on remixing, repurposing, recycling and upcycling. Whether you want to pawn your old film camera or build a robot out of scrap metal, Berlin's vibrant community has you covered.


While Craigslist also exists in Germany, it sits almost unused, save for the occasional apartment rental scam. If you want to sell your old stuff, look no further than eBay Kleinanzeigen, the most popular German classified ads website.

Facebook groups

If you want to trade with English-speaking Berliners, try Sell Your Stuff Berlin, or its cheaper alternative, Free Your Stuff Berlin, as well as spinoffs such as Sell Your Bike Berlin. You must request membership to participate in those groups, but they let you tap into a large and active bartering community.


If you are in the market for a car or a motorcycle, is the standard online platform for vehicle classifieds. eBay Kleinanzeigen also has many vehicle listings.

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Flea markets

Alternatively, you can set up shop in one of Berlin's many Sunday flea markets, or join Jaspr Trades, a local startup that promotes bartering.