I'm Nicolas Bouliane. I moved to Berlin in 2015. All About Berlin is my way to help others make Berlin their home. When I learn something new, I document it here to make other people's lives easier.

Content guidelines

The content on All About Berlin follows very strict guidelines. We try to create high quality content that readers can rely upon. We aim to set a good example.

Accessible: We don't assume that our readers are native English speakers, or fluent German speakers, or long-term German residents. We use plain language, and we take the time to explain "obvious" things.

Free: All our guides are free to access. We never charge for our content, and we never ask for anyone's email address. We release our original images in the public domain, and we release our original documents under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence.

Neutral: We want to write honest, unbiased guides. All About Berlin is a reliable source of information, not an advertising platform. We do not unfairly promote specific businesses, and we clearly disclose monetised content. We do not want ads to erode the readers' trust in our content.

Verifiable: We cite our sources, and we try to back all of our claims with citations. If we write something, we have to prove it.

Authoritative: We want to give complete and trustworthy answers. Other websites should be able to use our guides as a source.

Advertising policy

All About Berlin sometimes uses referral links and generates a modest revenue. However, our readers come first. We do not hide ads in the content, and we do not let advertisers tell us what to write. We want to be a trustworthy source of information. This is important to us.

We use our revenue to hire the help of experts, and support Berlin-related projects.

If you want to advertise on All About Berlin, contact us.

Guest post policy

We are reluctant to accept guest posts on All About Berlin. They usually need a lot of editing to meet our standards. However, we love getting help from experts. If you would like to help us write or review a guide, contact us.

Technical details

All About Berlin was built from scratch with Craft CMS. It runs in a docker container on DigitalOcean.

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You will find our contact information in our Impressum. We're happy to help.