If you want to get a German driving license, you must take driving lessons. You will need 14 hours of theory and 12 hours of driving. You must then take a theoretical driving exam and a practical driving exam.

The German theoretical driving exam is taken on a computer and is available in 11 different languages: English, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

If you already had a driving license in your country of origin, you might already be allowed to drive in Germany. You might also be able to trade your foreign license for a German one without taking any lessons.

A few driving schools offer driving lessons in English. You don't need English theory, because most schools let you practice with an app, and the app is available in English. However, you must have an English-speaking instructor if you want to prepare for your practical exam.

Many schools claim to offer driving lessons in English while they only offer the online material in English. Make sure you find a school with instructors who speak your language fluently.

If an English-speaking driving school is missing from this list, let us know.