Guides for drivers on German roads

How to buy a car in Germany How to buy a car

A step by step guide to buying, registering and insuring a vehicle in Berlin and the rest of Germany

The cost of owning a car in Germany Cost of owning a car

An overview of cost of vehicle ownership in Germany. We look at the costs of vehicle insurance, taxes, maintenance, fuel and more.

How to choose car insurance in Germany Car insurance

An introduction to auto insurance (Kfz-Versicherung) in Germany. It explains the types of car insurance, what they cover, and how to choose the best German car insurance.

How to get a driving licence in Germany How to get a driving licence

A detailed description of the process of obtaining a German Klasse A driving licence. This information is also valid for the Klasse B licence.

List of English-speaking driving schools in Berlin English-speaking driving schools

A guide to find an English-speaking driving school for your car or motorcycle driving license.

How to trade your foreign driver licence for a German one How to convert a foreign driving licence

Here is how you can trade a driver licence from another country for a German one.

Where to buy motorcycle gear in Berlin Where to buy motorcycle gear

An overview of the best places to purchase motorcycle equipment in the German capital.

Can you park a motorcycle on the sidewalk in Berlin? Parking motorcycles on the sidewalk

With so few parking spaces, it's tempting to park your motorcycle on the sidewalk, but is it legal?

How to get an International Driving Permit in Berlin How to get an International Driving Permit

How to get your IDP in Berlin and the rest of Germany, both with German and foreign driver licences.

What is a Kraftfahrzeugsteuerbescheid? What is a Kraftfahrzeugsteuerbescheid?

Have you received a letter from Frankfurt am Oder asking you to send money somewhere? Do not panic, here's what it's all about.