Where to donate clothes in Berlin

Where to donate clothes in Berlin

If you must get rid of old clothes and shoes, you can resell them, or you can donate them. This guide shows you where to donate clothes and shoes in Berlin.

Clothes donation bins

There are over 6000 donation bins for clothes in Berlin1. They are often close to supermarkets. They look like this. Use this map of donation bins to find them.

Where will my clothes go?

Some belong to for-profit businesses1, 2. Some donation bins belong to charities. Donation bins with the FairWertung logo belong to charities.

How to use the donation bins?

Charities that accept clothes donations

Many clothes donation bins are operated by charities. Look for donation bins with the FairWertung logo. Those belong to charities.

Berliner Stadtreinigung also has a list of collection points for clothes. All of them are operated by charities.

Other ways to donate clothes