Where to get passport photos in Berlin

This guide shows you how to get biometric pictures or passport photos in Berlin.

From a photo kiosk

You can get 35 × 45 mm passport pictures at a photo booth (Fotoautomat).

There are Fotofix machines everywhere in Berlin. You pay 6€ in coins, and you follow the instructions on the screen. The machine will print 5 copies of your photo.

List of photo machines – Google Maps

List of passport photo machines – Passbilder.net

These biometric photos are accepted by the Bürgeramt and the Ausländerbehörde.

At the Bürgeramt/Ausländerbehörde

There are passport photo kiosks at the Ausländerbehörde, and at the Bürgeramt. Find your Bürgeramt or Ausländerbehörde. The information page shows if there is a Fotoautomat.

Fotoautomat at the Bürgeramt

The Fotoautomat prints 4 to 6 pictures on one paper. You do not need to cut them; the Bürgeramt and Ausländerbehörde have a tool for this.1

Get your passport photos in advance, not just before your appointment. If there is a problem with the photo machine, you must have time to find another one.

Biometric pictures for other countries

Other countries use different passport picture sizes. For example, India uses square pictures.

Passport photo requirements by country – persofoto.com

Photography studios can take pictures and cut them to the correct size. It costs 5€ to 15€.

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