Where to get passport photos in Berlin

This guide shows you how to get biometric pictures or passport photos in Berlin.

From a photo kiosk

You can get 35 × 45 mm passport pictures at a photo booth (Fotoautomat).

There are Fotofix machines everywhere in Berlin. You pay 6€ in coins, and you follow the instructions on the screen. The machine will print 5 copies of your photo.

List of photo machines – Google Maps

List of passport photo machines – Passbilder.net

These biometric photos are accepted by the Bürgeramt and the Ausländerbehörde.

At the Bürgeramt/Ausländerbehörde

There are passport photo kiosks at the Ausländerbehörde, and at the Bürgeramt. Find your Bürgeramt or Ausländerbehörde. The information page shows if there is a Fotoautomat.

Fotoautomat at the Bürgeramt

The Fotoautomat prints 4 to 6 pictures on one paper. You do not need to cut them; the Bürgeramt and Ausländerbehörde have a tool for this.1

Biometric pictures for other countries

Other countries use different passport picture sizes. For example, India uses square pictures.

Passport photo requirements by country – persofoto.com

Photography studios can take pictures and cut them to the correct size. It costs 5€ to 15€.

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