Where to find...

Guides for finding what you need in Berlin

Where to get help about life in Berlin? Where to find help

Where to find support and answers to your question as a new Berliner, whether you speak English or German.

Where to buy what in Berlin Where to buy what

A list of common grocery stores, hardware stores, furniture stores and shopping malls in Berlin.

Where to buy, sell and donate things in Berlin? How to buy, sell and donate things

This is how you trade used clothes, vehicles, electronics and other things in Berlin.

Cinemas with English movies in Berlin Where to watch movies in English?

This guide helps you find cinemas that play movies in English in Berlin.

Where to find foreign cooking ingredients in Berlin Rare cooking ingredients

Finding common baking ingredients such as brown sugar and baking soda can be fairly difficult in Germany. Here is where you can find them.

How to find English-speaking medical professionals in Berlin English-speaking doctors

When it comes to health matters, finding a doctor who speaks your language is especially important. Here are resources to help you find an English-speaking medical professional in Berlin.

List of English-speaking lawyers in Berlin English-speaking lawyers

This list of English, French and Spanish-speaking lawyers will help you with any legal issues you might encounter while living in Berlin.

List of English-speaking dentists in Berlin English-speaking dentists

A list of known English-speaking dentists in Berlin, built from various sources like Facebook posts, Reddit threads, guides from embassies and Google Maps reviews.

List of English-speaking doctors and GPs in Berlin English-speaking GPs

These doctors serve their patients in English in Berlin.

English-speaking accountants and tax advisors in Berlin English-speaking tax advisors

A list of English-speaking Steuerberater in Berlin. They can help you file your taxes. This list also includes Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Polish-speaking tax consultants.

List of English-speaking gynecologists and obstetricians in Berlin Gynecologists and obstetricians

These Berlin gynaecologists serve their patients in English

List of English-speaking psychiatrists and psychotherapists in Berlin English-speaking psychotherapists

When it comes to health, it's important to have a doctor who speaks your language. Mental health is no exception. This is a list of psychiatrists and psychotherapists who speak English in Berlin.

List of English-speaking driving schools in Berlin English-speaking driving schools

A guide to find an English-speaking driving school for your car or motorcycle driving license.

List of English-speaking hair salons and barbers in Berlin English-speaking hair salons

A list of English-speaking hairdressers, hair stylists and barbers in Berlin, compiled from user reviews and recommendations.

List of 24 hour gyms in Berlin 24-hour gyms

All the gyms and fitness studios that are open 24/7 in Berlin. In those gyms, you can train and get fit all day, every day.

Where to donate clothes in Berlin Where to donate clothes

How to get rid of your old clothes and shoes in Berlin.

Where to buy motorcycle gear in Berlin Where to buy motorcycle gear

An overview of the best places to purchase motorcycle equipment in the German capital.

Lost and found in Berlin - how to get your things back Where to find lost things

What to do if you forgot something on the train, or simply lost it somewhere in Berlin.

Where to get passport photos in Berlin Where to get passport photos

Getting biometric pictures taken for passports, visas and drivers' licences is quite simple in Berlin. Here's how it's done.

Where to play board games in Berlin? Where to play board games?

Want a nice place to play board games with your friends, and perhaps make some new ones? Here are all the board game meetups in Berlin.

Where to eat American pizza in Berlin American-style pizza

Once in a while, the thin Italian slices just don't cut it, and you are in for thick, nasty American pizza. Here is where you get your New York or Chicago-style pizza fix in Berlin.