List of English-speaking gynecologists and obstetricians in Berlin

These Berlin gynaecologists serve their patients in English

When it comes to your health, it's important to have a doctor who speaks your language. The gynaecologists and obstetricians below were recommended by the expat community because they speak English.

If someone is missing from this list, let us know.


Frau Dr. med. Sepideh Abhari

"Brunnenstraße 160"

Praxisverbund Berlin

"Weinbergsweg 1"
Dr Jasmin Malak/Reice speaks English

Gynäkologin Dr. Anja Fünfstück

"Danziger Str. 35"

Frauenarztpraxis Dr. Eva Dudik

"Kaiserdamm 17"

Dr. med. Gabriele Ulsemer

"Breite Str. 46-47"

Frauenarzt Bogdan Myndiuk

"Ringbahnstraße 3"

Frau Dr. med. Christiane Wessel

"Markgrafenstraße 20"

Frau Dr. med. Sybille Görlitz-Novakovic

"Wilmersdorfer Str. 98"
Also speaks French


  • Raquel


    I have several issues with my period and looking to get this checked, if it's in Spanish much better but I can totally deal with English. Area 13357. Thanks!

  • Estela Suarez

    I notice a lump on my private area and I am looking for an English speaker gynecologist preferably female in the Berlin code area 13351 . thank you

  • A.

    I am looking for an indian doctor mainly female in berlin or munchin or so. Can someone out in this?

  • Ashwini

    I am not getting any appointments with gynecologist and already 8 weeks pregnant.. Can u please fins english speaking gynecologist postal code13585

  • Harkeerat

    Please help me finding a english speaking gynecologist near my home, postal code 13357 Berlin.