List of relocation agencies and relocation consultants in Berlin

List of relocation agencies and relocation consultants in Berlin

These professionals will help you obtain the right residence permit and visa to live, work and freelance in Germany.

These relocation agencies can make it easier for you to move to Germany and settle in Berlin. They can help you make the move to Germany a little easier by handling some of the relocation work.

I can personally recommend Kathleen Parker from Red Tape Translation, and Johanna Sieben from c/o Germany. They have helped with a few guides on this website.

Relocation agency or immigration lawyer?

Relocation agencies can help you plan your move to Germany: find your first apartment, book German classes, open a bank account, get a cell phone plan, register with basic utilities and so on.

However, relocation agencies can't provide legal services. Visa applications, residence permits applications and business registrations are considered legal consultation. Only lawyers can offer legal consultation. In practice, relocation consultants can help you with that, and they are cheaper than lawyers. You can find immigration lawyers in our list of English-speaking lawyers in Berlin.

If someone is missing from the list below, let us know.


Red Tape Translation

"c/o Factory Berlin"
Translation and relocation help. Red Tape Translation has contributed to All About Berlin before.

C/O Germany

"Lohmühlenstraße 65"
Johanna Sieben is an Ausländerbehörde veteran, and helped us with a few of our guides.


"Torstraße 117"
Well-established relocation agency. One of the founders, Tia Robinson, is an active member of various expat communities.

Nomaden Berlin


Victoria Messer Expat MGMT

"Amrumer Str. 8"

Archer Relocation

"Bülowstraße 6"

Bee in Berlin

"Skalitzer Str. 68"

Expats in Wonderland

"Glogauer Str. 25"

"Grünberger Str. 13"

Maria Lupandina

Freelance visa consultant and translator. Speaks English, Russian and German.


  • Sayantan Bhattacharya


    I am looking for a place in your KITA in any of the branches for my four year old daughter Srisa Bhattacharya. We have migrated to Berlin three months back from Singapore. Srisa started going to kindergarten at the age of 18 months and have more than two years experience in the same .
    Currently we are unable to place her anywhere and request your kind cooperation in this matter. Please find a place for her as she is not attending any school since last six months. Her mother,
    who has more than ten years experience as senior testing engineer has taken a break to look after her six last five months and waiting for her KITA allocation before she can search jobs in Berlin.

    Thanks and regards,
    Sayantan Bhattacharya

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  • John Mathew

    I would like to start a small IT Business in Germany. I live in Mumbai India currently

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    • Nicolas Bouliane

      You will have to find help yourself, John. We are bloggers, not business consultants.

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  • James

    I used Nomaden after seeing this list. A thing to note about Nomaden in comparison to the other companies is that they also focus on the community aspect of moving to a new city. Their relocation packages are a really good way to meet people, on top of the traditional relocation & admin support. I'd recommend them for any young people moving to Berlin. Their events are super fun & they give lots of practical advice on the whole moving set-up.

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  • Chiquita Stewart

    my mother is looking to move to germany. we do have family there but she would prefer her own housing

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