List of relocation agencies and relocation consultants in Berlin

Relocation agencies make it easier to move to Germany. They take care of the paperwork, book appointments, help you find an apartment and much more.

I recommend Kathleen Parker from Red Tape Translation. She helped with a few guides on this website. I often contact her to ask questions.

Relocation agency or immigration lawyer?

Relocation agencies can help you plan your move to Germany: find your first apartment, book German classes, open a bank account, get a cell phone plan, register with basic utilities and so on.

However, relocation agencies can’t provide legal services. Visa applications, residence permits applications and business registrations are considered legal consultation. Only lawyers can offer legal consultation. In practice, relocation consultants can help you with that, and they are cheaper than lawyers. You will find immigration lawyers in our list of English-speaking lawyers in Berlin.

There are also other people who can help you.

List of relocation agencies

If someone is missing from this list, contact me.