How to get a Bürgeramt appointment in 2020

How to get a Bürgeramt appointment in 2020

Make the Anmeldung a breeze by getting a Bürgeramt appointment quickly and easily.

Berlin's bureaucracy is struggling to cope with the growing population, and getting anything done in this city can take weeks, if not months. Things are seemingly getting better, but it's still difficult to get a Bürgeramt appointment on short notice. In this guide, I will show you how to get all your papers in Ordnung as fast as possible.

Avoid it altogether

For some services such as the Abmeldung, you do not need to visit the Bürgeramt. You can send the form by registered mail and go on with your life1.

Dial 115

Your first step should always be to call 115, the Bürgertelefon. This phone line is available from 7AM to 6PM1 for Berliners who need a Bürgeramt appointment. This is not an emergency number; anyone can call it for any kind of Bürgeramt appointment. They reportedly have appointment slots that are not available on

Book an appointment online

Your second step should be to visit and look for appointments across all branches. Pick your service from the list, and click "Termin berlinweit suchen und buchen" to look for available appointments across all Bürgerämter.

New appointments become available at random times during the day. When there are no good appointment dates, keep refreshing the page. Do this for a few minutes, and you will find a better appointment date. You should easily find an appointment in the next 10 days. came up with a clever method for getting an appointment quicker: use a browser extension that alerts you when a page changes, and use it against the Bürgeramt's appointments page. As soon as a new appointment is available, you will know.

Go without an appointment

If nothing else works, you can show up at the Bürgeramt very early in the morning, join the queue and hope they have some time for you. For urgent matters, it's sometimes the only option.

The following Bürgerämter reportedly allow visits without an appointment:

  • Bürgeramt Pankow
  • Bürgeramt Sonnenallee, Neukölln
  • Bürgeramt Rathaus Tiergarten, Moabit

Pay someone to do it

Relocation consultants can book the appointment for you, and go to the Bürgeramt with you. If you don't speak German, this is a good idea. Red Tape Translation and c/o Germany offer this service.

Important notes

  • You can only do one thing per appointment. If you want to do your Anmeldung and apply for an International Driving Permit, you need two separate appointments. If you want to do the Anmeldung for two different people at two different addresses, you need two appointments.
  • If you can't go to your appointment, cancel it. It will free that space for another person.


  • Ege Sozgen

    Hi guys,

    Do you guys have any idea about which Bürgeramt is more likely to accept people without an appointment for Anmeldung? I am going to be moving to Berlin next week and could only get an appointment for four weeks later which is too late for me since I will start working and need to get a phone line. I would appreciate any advice on that. Thanks!

    Reply to Ege Sozgen
    • Reply to Ege Sozgen

    • Dan

      The following Bürgerämter reportedly allow visits without an appointment:

      Bürgeramt Pankow
      Bürgeramt Sonnenallee, Neukölln
      Bürgeramt Rathaus Tiergarten, Moabit

      Reply to Dan
      • Reply to Dan

  • Joseph

    Oct 2019 update:

    I found that after refreshing the page a couple of times within a 20 minute period (08:00-08:20), I was able to get a same day appointment.

    Reply to Joseph
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  • Florin

    Great guide! Thank you!

    Just to share a recent experience:
    Go to to get an appointment between 7.30-9.30.
    Although all time slots are fully booked just refresh the page regularly and you'll get new results about the canceled appointments.
    My case: I got at 9.10 an appointment for Bürgeramt Tegel at 10.00.
    There were during the 60 minutes search other results farther from where I live.
    At 9.40 I was in the Bürgeramt and at 9.50 my number was called.
    The employee made may registration very easy by knowing English and 10 minutes later I left with my Meldebescheinigung.
    Although I had the forms ready the employee didn't take it. Just completed all the information in the computer and that was it.
    This Bürgeramt was not so busy and has available a machine to provide numbers.
    So I think if you go there you might get the registration without an appointment.

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  • Ariful

    How early is very early in the morning to go without an appointment. 8:30 AM is good?

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  • Laila

    Do I receive the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung in the same day? I need to open bank account ASAP and need Wohnungsgeberbestätigung.

    Reply to Laila
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    • Nicolas Bouliane

      Your landlord will normally give you the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung when you sign your rent contract and pay your deposit.

      If you need to open a bank account right now, here's a list of banks that don't require an Anmeldung:

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  • Alessandro

    Hi, do you know if I can still go to Bürgeramt Pankow, Sonnenallee Neukölln and Rathaus Tiergarten Moabit without an appointment?
    Thank you for your answer!

    Reply to Alessandro
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    • Nicolas Bouliane

      I frankly don't know, but it's really easy to get a same-day appointment nowadays, so I would try that first. You can ask one of the groups here about the walk-in Bürgeramt locations:

      Reply to Nicolas Bouliane
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      • Kateryna

        As of 02 April 2019, the first available termin berlin-wide is 09 May :D

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