How to get a Bürgeramt appointment in 2020

How to get a Bürgeramt appointment in 2020

Berlin's bureaucracy is struggling to cope with the growing population, and getting anything done in this city can take weeks, if not months. Things are seemingly getting better, but it's still difficult to get a Bürgeramt appointment on short notice. In this guide, I will show you how to get all your papers in Ordnung as fast as possible.

Coronavirus update: Most Bürgeramt appointments are cancelled. Appointments are only given for urgent cases. This is decided on a case by case basis. Call or email your local Bürgeramt to ask for an appointment. More information here.

Avoid it altogether

For some services such as the Abmeldung, you do not need to visit the Bürgeramt. You can send the form by registered mail and go on with your life1.

Dial 115

Your first step should always be to call 115, the Bürgertelefon. This phone line is available from 7AM to 6PM1 for Berliners who need a Bürgeramt appointment. This is not an emergency number; anyone can call it for any kind of Bürgeramt appointment. They reportedly have appointment slots that are not available on

Book an appointment online

Your second step should be to visit and look for appointments across all branches. Pick your service from the list, and click "Termin berlinweit suchen" to look for available appointments across all Bürgeramt locations.

New appointments become available on Monday, before the Bürgerämter open. New appointments also appear randomly during the day. When there are no good appointment dates, keep refreshing the page. Do this for a few minutes, and you will find a better appointment date. You should easily find an appointment in the next 10 days.

Go without an appointment

Do not go to the Bürgeramt without an appointment. This is not possible anymore. You will not get help without an appointment.

Pay someone to do it

Relocation consultants can book the appointment for you, and go to the Bürgeramt with you. If you don't speak German, this is a good idea. Red Tape Translation and c/o Germany offer this service.

Important notes