The Anmeldung - How to register an address in Berlin

The Anmeldung - How to register an address in Berlin

A plain English guide to registering an address in Berlin. This is how you get a Meldebescheinigung and a tax ID.

Registering your address is the first thing you should do after moving to Berlin. If you say at an address for more than 6 months1, you must register. This process is called the Anmeldung.

When you register your address (the Anmeldung), you obtain a certificate of registration (Anmeldebestätigung or Meldebescheinigung) and a tax ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer). The certificate of registration proves that you live at a certain address, and the tax ID identifies you with the Finanzamt. You need the certificate of registration to apply to open a bank account (with some exceptions), to set up an internet connection etc1. Your employer needs your tax ID as soon as possible to pay you correctly.

You are supposed to register within 14 days of your move-in date1, but this rule is not enforced in Berlin1, 2, 3. You must simply register within a reasonable time1. You will not get a fine if you take longer.

If you already registered at this address but lost your Anmeldebestätigung, you can request a new one.

Step 1: Get a Bürgeramt appointment

You must get an appointment for Anmeldung einer Wohnung at the Bürgeramt. You can go to any Bürgeramt in Berlin, not just the one in your borough.

There are 3 ways to get an appointment at the Bürgeramt:

  1. Dial 115 and ask for an appointment. The Bürgertelefon helps Berliners find appointments.
  2. Book an appointment online. It's the easiest way, especially if you don't speak German.
  3. Go without an appointment. Go to the Bürgeramt, get in line and wait until someone can see you. This used to be the only option, but this is not necessary anymore. The city hired more Bürgeramt employees, so you can easily find an appointment.

For more information, see our guide on how to get a Bürgeramt appointment in Berlin.

When you book an appointment, you will receive an appointment number (Vorgangsnummer). Don't lose that number! If you lose it, you can call 115 to get it back1.

Step 2: Gather the required documents

Before you visit the Bürgeramt, you must have the following documents:

  • The Einzugsbestätigung des Wohnungsgebers (or Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, or Vermieterbescheinigung). You cannot complete the Anmeldung without this document. Only the person who gives you the apartment (the Wohnungsgeber) can sign this document. The landlord can sign this letter. If you are renting a room or a sublet, the main tenant (Hauptmieter) can also sign the letter, with the permission of the landlord1, 2. A rent contract is not enough1, but it's sometimes accepted by the Bürgeramt1.
  • The filled Anmeldung form. You can find an English translation here. This website and this website can also help you fill the form.
  • A valid ID document, like your passport.

Registering an address is free. You do not need to bring any money.

Step 3: Go to your Bürgeramt appointment

Go to the Bürgeramt on the date of the appointment. Bring the documents listed above.

If you can, a German-speaking friend. Some of the employees speak English, but not all of them. If you don't have any German-speaking friends, you can hire a relocation consultant to help you.

When you go to the Bürgeramt, you must sit in the waiting room until your number is called (the one you received when you booked the appointment). You will sit at a clerk's desk, give your documents and receive your Anmeldebestätigung. This process takes 5 minutes.

The employee will give you the Anmeldebestätigung on the spot. A few days later, you will receive your tax ID by mail1.

Can someone do the Anmeldung for me?

Yes. If you can't find time to go to the Bürgeramt, you can sign a power of attorney (Vollmacht) that allows someone else to do the Anmeldung for you. created a free power of attorney template for this.

There are also services that do the Anmeldung for you. Red Tape Translation and c/o Germany can go to the Bürgeramt and register the address for you. If you don't speak German or you don't have time to go to the Bürgeramt, this is a good solution.

Can the landlord refuse to let me register?

No. The landlord can't refuse to let you register1. Registering your address is a right. There are a few reasons why you might not be able to register your address:

  • The landlord doesn't know that you live there
    It could be an illegal sublet. The tenant is subletting the apartment without the landlord's permission. If the landlord finds out, you can get kicked out without any warning1, 2.
    • The landlord can't refuse to let the tenant sublet a room. He can only refuse if the apartment is too small. The landlord can charge more rent when you sublet an apartment1, 2, 3, 4.
    • The landlord can refuse to let the tenant sublet the entire apartment.
  • The landlord doesn't want to let you register there
    This is illegal. The landlord must let you register your address1. You can inform the Bürgeramt, and they will force the landlord to let you register1, 2, 3.

Can I do my Anmeldung if my name is not on the mailbox?

Yes, but you must add "c/o" to your address1. If you don't do this, you won't receive your mail from the government, and you won't receive your tax ID.

Landlords sometimes refuse to put your name on the mailbox if your name is not on the lease1. When your name is not on the mailbox, you must write your address like this everywhere:

[name of person on the mailbox]
c/o [your name]

Musterstraße 123
10115 Berlin

Related guide: How to address a letter in Germany

Can I do my Anmeldung at a hotel or AirBnB?

Generally, no. Most hotels, hostels and AirBnBs won't let you register your address there. They are not forced to let you register, unless they let you stay for more than 6 months1.

Can I do my Anmeldung later?

Yes. You are supposed to register within 14 days after you move in, but many people take longer. You will not get fined, even if you take a few weeks to register1, 2, 3.

If it's your first Anmeldung, you should do it as soon as possible. When you register, you get a tax ID. Without a tax ID, your employer must deduct the maximum income tax rate from your paycheque: around 42%. You only get that money back when you file a tax return.

Do I need to speak German?

Probably. Some Bürgeramt employees speak English, but many don't. The Anmeldung is very simple, but if you can, bring a German speaker with you.

If you need a translator, Red Tape Translation and c/o Germany can go to the Bürgeramt with you. If this is your first Anmeldung and you don't speak German, this is a good solution.

Will I have to pay church tax?

It depends. When you register for the first time in Germany, you will be asked about which religion you are part of. Depending on your answer, you might have to pay an extra tax: the church tax. This tax is 8% or 9% of your income tax, and it's taken directly from your paycheque. A single person earning 50 000€ a year would pay 800 to 900€ in church tax.

If you were baptised in your home country, they might collect church tax even if you registered as an atheist. Watch your paycheques for unexpected church tax payments, just in case.

Settle in Berlin wrote an excellent guide on how to stop paying church tax.


  • Rayan

    Hi !
    I never received my Tax ID, either by mail or at my appartement, what am I supposed to do ? It's been a month and a half now.
    Thanks !


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  • Lisa


    Can a power of attorney sign the landlord confirmation (on their behalf)? I have an appointment this Thursday for my Anmeldung, but found out my landlord mailed the confirmation to me, so I won’t get this before my appointment.


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  • Nelson Nsofor

    Can I use a friends appointment number to register myself ?


    • Reply to Nelson Nsofor

    • Nicolas Bouliane

      The appointment has your name on it. Your friend can (and should) cancel their appointment if they're not going. That appointment slot will then be free, and you can use it.


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  • Michael

    I am moving to Berlin in a rush as I've been offered a Job, I've sorted a WG but will only have 1 week in Berlin to anmeldung before my job (that needs my tax ID etc) starts.
    There are no appointments in this free week in any Bürgeramt's, so can I just walk in and wait?
    Thank you!


    • Reply to Michael

    • Nicolas Bouliane

      We have another article about finding an appointment at the Bürgeramt. If you keep checking, you should find an appointment within a week.

      Keep in mind that you don't need your tax ID until you get your first paycheque, and that it takes around 2 weeks to get it. You can also get it faster by going to the Finanzamt a few days after your Anmeldung.


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  • Justin

    Hi there, I had two questions if anyone can help!

    1. My husband is coming to Germany later than I am. I have an appointment before he arrives to register. Can I register for both of us in the same appointment without him here or will we need to schedule two separate appointments?

    2. On the form, what is "civil status person 1 or 1 and 2" mean? If we are married does that mean were are 2?

    Thanks so much!


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  • Julia

    As a non-EU citizen, do I have to apply for a visa / residence permit before or after registering (doing my Anmeldung)


    • Reply to Julia

    • Nicolas Bouliane

      You should apply for a residence permit after registering. You need to prove that you have an address in Germany during your visa interview.

      However, the registration certificate is NOT required to apply for the visa. You can use your lease and the certificate from your landlord instead.


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      • Julia

        Thank you Nicholas your advice is much appreciated. Does anyone know how long it takes approximately to get an appointment? Does it make sense to schedule one a month or so in advance?
        Thank you :)


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    I lost my Vorgangsnummer, and the email that the site said they would send me never arrived? What can I do


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    Hi, I just came back from the Bürgeramt. The document "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" has changed. Now you also need to fill in the name of the landloard... :(


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      Can you please point us towards the new Wohnungsgeberbestätigung document? Where can we download this online?


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  • Carmen

    Hi, if I am Orthodox I understand I do not have to pax church tax, yes? Thank you


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  • Arash Barazandeh


    Ich habe mich für die Adresse registriert, aber ich konnte keine Dokumente im Zusammenhang mit Steuern und Registrierung erhalten. Ich eröffne auch ein Bankkonto und konnte meine Karte noch nicht erhalten, wo kann ich folgen, um meine entsprechenden Dokumente zu erhalten?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Arash Barazandeh


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