This tool calculates your German Netto income, after taxes and social contributions. It's your take-home salary, the money you keep every month.

Limits of the tax calculator

This calculator is useful if you want to find a job in Germany and estimate your cost of living, but it's not perfect.

Salary tax is an approximation

Employees pay a salary tax every month. It's taken directly from your paycheck. Salary tax is an estimation of your income tax. It uses a different formula to calculate some tax deductions.

When you file a tax declaration, you find your real income tax. Most people get a bit of money back, because their real income tax is lower than the salary tax they paid.

If you are an employee, this calculator only shows your salary tax.

Taxes are different for everyone

It's impossible to give you an exact number with only a few questions. Your spouse, your children and your life situation affect how much taxes you pay. Your tax class, your tax deductions, and some of the decisions you make also affect your taxes.

Need help?

A tax advisor can answer your questions and help you file your German taxes correctly.

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