The Abmeldung - how to deregister in Berlin

The Abmeldung - how to deregister in Berlin

When you leave Berlin - hopefully for greener pastures - you must deregister with the city. This process is called the Abmeldung. Here is how it's done.

When you leave Berlin - hopefully for greener pastures - you must deregister with the city. This process is called the Abmeldung. Here is how you deregister your address in Berlin.

Who needs to deregister?

If you are moving somewhere else in Germany, you do not need to deregister your current address. It will be deregistered automatically when you register your new address.

An Abmeldung is required if:

  • You are moving out of Germany and will not have an address in Germany anymore.
  • You are leaving one residence, but you are not moving to a new address. For example, if you have two apartments and sell one of them, but still live in the other, you must deregister the apartment you sold.

An Abmeldung is not necessary if:

  • You are temporarily moving out of Germany, but will return to the same address. For example, if you are studying abroad for a semester, you don't need to deregister.
  • You are moving to a new address in Germany. You only need to register your new address, and your old address will be deregistered automatically.

Why do you need to deregister?

Once you are deregistered, you don't need to pay health insurance anymore. If you forget to deregister, your health insurance will keep charging you until you prove that you have left Germany. This is why it's very important to deregister when you leave the country.

How to do an Abmeldung

The Abmeldung can be done in person or by mail. It costs nothing. You only need to fill this form. You must do it maximum 14 days after moving out1. After you deregister, you will receive an Abmeldebescheinigung. This document confirms that your address is deregistered.

In person at the Bürgeramt

The in-person Abmeldung works exactly like the Anmeldung: you make an appointment with one of these Bürgeramt locations, fill the Abmeldung form and give it to them. You will receive an Abmeldebescheinigung during your appointment.

By registered mail

The Abmeldung form can also be filled at home and sent to one of these Bürgeramt locations by registered mail. Fill the Abmeldung form, go to your post office and ask to send the letter per Einschreiben. Don't forget to write your future address on the form. This is where they will send your Abmeldebescheinigung.

By email

It's not officially possible to send the Abmeldung form by email, but some people have done it1.

The Bürgeramt in Steglitz lets you do your Abmeldung by email. You can deregister any address in Berlin with them. They personally confirmed this with us.

To do your Abmeldung by email, send the Abmeldung form and a scan of your passport to Don't forget to write your new address in the form. They will send your Abmeldebescheinigung to your new address, even if it's in another country.

What else do I need to do?

When you leave Germany, you should also inform your health insurer, the ARD/ZDF, your bank, your utility company, your internet service provider and any other services you use1. They will not be informed automatically.


  • Daniel Aguiar

    During the year of 2017 I didn't make any Anmeldung for the room I had. Should I go back and register it now even if I don't live there anymore? Anmeldung makes sense to be retroactive?

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  • Emma de Jongh

    Hi, I left Berlin about 3 weeks ago and sent my Abmeldung by post. However, I forgot to send it by registered post... Should I do it again? Is it too late?

    Reply to Emma de Jongh
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  • Gergana Antova

    Hello, can you please give me at least 1 e-mail address from a Burgeramt in Berlin, because I cannot find any on the internet ... and I start to think they hide the e-mail addresses because they want everyone to make an appointment and wait, but I already left Berlin :( thank you!

    Reply to Gergana Antova
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  • Steve Marshall

    Just to note - you need to book your ameldung appointment quite close to departure.
    I just wasted a morning going to my appointment only to be told they could not process my form. Appointment was 16th and leaving 31st..

    Reply to Steve Marshall
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    • Matthew

      Hi Steve, just wondering why this was an issue? Did you show them your departure details? I'm planning to de-register, but not planning to leave for a few weeks. I just want to start to cancel all my contracts.

      Reply to Matthew
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      • Steve Marshall

        I don't speak German, but from what I gathered I was too early, and they only accept your departure letter 1 week before leaving, rather than 2+ weeks out - and I thought I was being efficient!
        I was told to then queue and speak to some else (to rebook appointment I assume) - but decided I'll just post it to them instead.

        Reply to Steve Marshall
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  • Charles

    The form does not have an address to mail it to, can someone assist with the correct address to use?

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  • Sarah Wilson

    Hi there this was super useful thanks ! I sent off my Abmeldung a few weeks ago and was wondering whether I'll receive confirmation in the post or whether I need to do something else to recieve confirmation ?

    Reply to Sarah Wilson
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    • Greg

      Did you ever receive a response, Sarah? I'd like to know this too.

      Reply to Greg
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      • Bruna

        Hi Greg did you receive any confirmation? I’m in the same situation..

        Reply to Bruna
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  • Z

    Thank you for the blog. I am in Germany with a freelance Visa but will be abroad for 2-3 months. If I deregister will it affect my Visa?

    Reply to Z
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    • Nicolas Bouliane

      Yes. Your visa requires you to reside in Germany. Your health insurance also requires it, and your visa requires you to have health insurance. You must have a registered address in Germany. Your visa becomes invalid if you deregister.

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