Abmeldung form in English

Fill this form to deregister your address in Berlin (Abmeldung). You can send this form to any Bürgeramt in Berlin. You can deliver the form in person, by email, or by registered mail.

How to do your Abmeldung in Berlin ➞

Fill the Abmeldung form online

Download the Abmeldung form

You can also download the original form and fill it yourself. If you deregister more than 3 people, fill the form multiple times.

The original Abmeldung form is on Berlin.de.

How to fill this form

  • Bisherige Wohnung / Gemeindekennzahl (left column): information about your last address in Germany. Use the information on your Anmeldebestätigung.
    • Tag des Auszugs: Your move-out date. You can deregister 7 days before you move out. You must do it maximum 14 days after you move out.1
    • Diese Wohnung hat bereits bestanden: Choose this if you already registered your future address. If you are leaving Germany, choose nein.
    • Die bisherige Wohnung war: Choose this if this address was your only address (alleinige Wohnung), your main address (Hauptwohnung) or a secondary address (Nebenwohnung).
  • Künftige Wohnung / Gemeindekennzahl (right column): Information about your future address after you leave Germany.
  • Weitere Wohnungen: Information about your other addresses in Germany. If you only had one address, leave this section empty.
    • Anschrift: Your other addresses in Germany.
    • Diese Wohnung war: Choose this if this address was your main residence (Hauptwohnung) or secondary residence (Nebenwohnung).

How to send this form

Send the form by registered mail as explained here.

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