How to get your DHL, GLS, DPD and Hermes packages

Delivery services in Germany are bad:

  • Packages are often delivered to a neighbour or a Paketshop, even if you are at home all day.1
  • If you live on the ground floor, you get everyone else’s packages.

This happens with all delivery services: DHL, Hermes, GLS, Amazon Logistics and others.

This guide shows you what you can do about it.

Where is my package?

Your package won’t always be delivered to your door. It can be delivered somewhere else:

  • Delivered to a neighbour
    The delivery slip usually tells you which neighbour has your package. You can also use the tracking number to find that information.
  • Delivered to a Paketshop
    If you don’t pick up your package, it will be returned to the sender after a few days.
  • Still in the delivery truck
    If you just got a delivery slip, your package is probably still in the truck. Your package will be delivered to a Paketshop in the evening or the next day.

Delivery drivers don’t always try to deliver your package. They don’t always ring your doorbell. They give your package to the first person who opens the door.

To find your package…

  • Check the delivery slip
    The driver should leave a delivery slip on your door or in your mailbox. It tells you where your package is. If it was delivered to a neighbour, it tells you which neighbour. If it’s delivered to a Packstation, you need the delivery slip to get your package.
  • Use the tracking number
    Track your package with Paketda
  • Check the Amazon dashboard
    Track your package under “Your orders”. You will also get an email notification.

Why are German delivery services so bad?

Delivery drivers work too much, and are not paid enough.2 They save time where they can.

If you never get your packages, you can complain to the delivery company. Sometimes, it helps, but it’s usually a waste of time.

How to get your packages every time

If you want to receive your packages reliably, don’t use your home address.

  • Use a Packstation
    Send your packages to a pickup location near you: Amazon Lockers, DHL Packstations, Hermes Paketshops and DPD Pickup locations. – More information
  • Use your work address
    If your workplace has a front desk, you can sometimes deliver your packages there. They can’t say that no-one was there to receive the package.
  • Get it yourself
    Sometimes, it’s faster to pick things up from the store yourself.
  • Be really nice to your driver
    Befriending your delivery driver helps.3 They give a better service if you tip them or offer them a drink. This does not always work.
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