How to get a Meldebescheinigung or Anmeldebestätigung

How to get a Meldebescheinigung or Anmeldebestätigung

Here's how to get an Anmeldebestätigung or a Meldebescheinigung. This document is required to open a bank account, apply for a residence permit or get a cellphone contract in Germany.

The Anmeldebestätigung and Meldebescheinigung are documents that confirm your official address in Germany. Banks, cellphone companies and government employees require these documents to confirm your address.

Anmeldebestätigung or Meldebescheinigung?

When you register your address in Berlin (the Anmeldung), you receive a document called the ANMELDEBESTÄTIGUNG. The Meldebescheinigung is a different document, but it has the same purpose.

The Anmeldebestätigung confirms that you registered an address on a certain date. The Meldebescheinigung confirms that you are still registered at this address. You only receive the Anmeldebestätigung once, but you can request a Meldebescheinigung anytime you want.1

You need an Anmeldebestätigung or a Meldebescheinigung to open a bank account, get a cellphone contract, register a vehicle or apply for a residence permit. It's the official way to prove that you live at a certain address.

How to get an Anmeldebestätigung

You receive an Anmeldebestätigung when you register your address in Berlin (this is called the Anmeldung). The document is printed out and given to you during the appointment.

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How to get a Meldebescheinigung

You can get a Meldebescheinigung from your local Bürgeramt. The procedure is simple: get an appointment at any Bürgeramt for "Meldebescheinigung beantragen", and bring a personal ID (such as your passport) and 10 euros1.


  • Ahmed Omar

    I have been visiting Germany for the purpose of treatment (Berlin) and I have been here for more than two months, and with the recent events (Corona Virus) it has become important to have a bank account for the purpose of buying medicine and transferring money from my country so that I can live ........ Is there a possibility to obtain a bank account? Thank you

  • Hassan

    If I am visiting Germany for 2 months and will be living in a rented room via airbnb, am I able to get Meldebescheinigung?

  • Pallavi

    Hi, My husaband is on deputation from November 2019. Now for long term work permit he has an appointment in second week of February. During his appointment he will be registered in his work location Mannheim city office. In last week of February we have appointments for FRV. Due to school availability we want to rent a house in Heidelberg city. Hence during FRv processing he will register in new city. How can we make sure our FRV process is not delayed.
    Thanks in advance

  • Ajit

    I have a work contract and work visa. I am planning to come and work in Berlin. But initially, I will be coming for 3 weeks and after that I will be travelling to my country for a few months. In mid of next year (2020), again I will be coming to Germany for a longer stay. So in this scenario, can I get register an Anmeldung done to get tax id and health insurance?


  • Abdul Wajid

    Hallo Dear Sir,
    I want to move in Hannover but now i live in Idstein and i want to leave my room and directly move to Hannover where i find job, so for Anmeldung in Hannover i need abmeldbescheinigung from Stadt Idstein?

  • Kofi

    Am live in Germany and my ex is live in Italy with my daughter and I will like to put my daughter address in my house ,do I need my daughter to be there or I can do it without her ..,she is five years old...,

  • Katrina

    I tried opening a bank account with one of the online bank and they sent me a letter to send them Meldebestätigung. Should I send them an original Meldebestätigung or just a copy of it?

  • Christian

    Is it possible to get Meldebestätigung without a permanent address in Germany?
    I am a german citizen, but I live in Norway. I would like a german car registered on me.

  • Marcelo


    I just moved to Berlin from abroad for a new job and I am currently stuck in a loop:
    - need a registration (Anmeldung?) for getting my work contract and starting my employment
    - need a work contract to show I can pay for and get an apartment so I can register for

    any way to break free of this loop? I am currently staying in a Gasthaus / Hostel

  • Alex


    Do I need the Meldebescheinigung for registering the bank account or Anmeldebestätigung is enough (I received it less than a month ago)? Sparkasse was willing to take the Anmeldebestätigung, but I am not sure if DKB will accept it.


  • Narendra Joshi


    I need to get a Meldebesheinigung. Do I need to write an informal written application that I need to submit during appointment for that? Is it sufficient to just show up with my ID card?

    Thank you for the articles. :)

  • Yrel Joie

    Hi, i am currently living and working in brandenburg, and want to move with my Fiancè in Berlin. Is it possible? Thank you.

  • Engit

    I have an appointment in a month and Bürgeramt accepts payment by girocard only. I don't have a bank account in Germany. How to pay for the registration then ?
    As for opening a bank account I need Meldebescheinigung.

  • Cecilia

    Hi! Do you know if I can get more than one Meldebescheinigung in one appoiment?

  • Susana

    I will arrive on July but my kid starts the Kita in August. How can I obtein the Kitagutschein if the system ask me for the Almendung?

  • Marta

    hi, my birth certificate is far away. Can I get Meldebescheinigung, without that?

  • Pamela Quilodran

    Hi, is possible to get the anmeldung if my stay in this moment is in a hostel?

  • Jelena


    Is there any chance to get Meldebescheinigung online, or I have to do that in Bürgeramt?

    Thanks :)

  • Simon

    thank you! I never would have realised there was a difference between the two: Anmeldebestätigung/Meldebescheinigung and I had much confusion when I was asked for a Meldebescheinigung no older than three months!

  • Nicolas Bouliane

    Hello Osei,

    See this guide to know how to do your Anmeldung in Berlin:

  • Osei Philip

    I want to do Anmerdung but i don't know the office