How to get a Meldebescheinigung or Anmeldebestätigung

This guide explains how to get a Meldebescheinigung. The Meldebescheinigung is a copy of your registration certificate (Anmeldebestätigung). It’s a proof of where you live.

You can get a Meldebescheinigung to…

  • Replace a lost registration certificate (Anmeldebestätigung)
  • Show a more recent proof of where you live.

This guide explains how to get a Meldebescheinigung if you already registered your address.

How to get an Anmeldebestätigung

Request it online or in person from the Bürgeramt. It costs 10€.1

If you did not register your address, you can’t get a Meldebescheinigung.


Request a Meldebescheinigung online. You must be registered in Berlin.

In person

  1. Get an appointment at any Bürgeramt for “Meldebescheinigung beantragen
  2. When you go to your appointment, bring…
    • Your passport or Personalausweis
    • 10€ for the fee. You can usually pay by Girocard, Visa or MasterCard. It depends on the Bürgeramt.

Erweiterte Meldebescheinigung

The extended registration certificate (erweiterte Meldebescheinigung) has more details than the Meldebescheinigung. It shows…

  • Your previous addresses
  • Your registered spouse and children

You rarely need an erweiterte Meldebescheinigung. You must get it in person at the Bürgeramt. You can’t request it online.1

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