What is open on Sundays in Berlin?

On Sundays and public holidays, most shops in Berlin must close, but there are exceptions. This guide shows you where to buy groceries and other things on a Sunday.

What is open on Sundays in Berlin?

These businesses can open on Sundays:4

  • Shops in train stations, airports and bus terminals
  • Restaurants and food delivery
  • Petrol stations
  • Pharmacies (Apotheken)
  • Many Spätis5
  • Bakeries
  • Tourist attractions and souvenir shops
  • Flea markets and art markets
  • Museums


Those train station supermarkets open on Sundays:1

On Sundays, these grocery stores are very busy. There is often a queue outside the store.

You can also buy food and drinks in Spätis and petrol stations.

Grocery delivery services are closed on Sundays.2

Apotheke, Rossmann and dm

Those train station pharmacies and drug stores are open on Sundays:3

Restaurants, Spätis and flea markets

Most restaurants are open on Sundays. Food delivery services also work.

Most Spätis open on Sundays.

Many flea markets (Flohmarkt) only open on Sundays.


Some museums and tourist attractions stay open on Sundays.

Sunday shopping days

There are up to 8 Sunday shopping days (Verkaufsoffene Sonntage) per year. On those Sundays, shops can open from 13:00 to 20:00. Those days are announced in advance on Berlin.de.

List of Sunday shopping days – Berlin.de

These shops usually open on Sunday shopping days:

  • Most shopping malls
  • Some furniture stores
  • Some electronics stores
  • Some supermarkets
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