Sunday shopping in Berlin

Sunday shopping in Berlin

The bulk of this guide was written by Alexander Freas, the creator of the Sonntags app. Thank you Alex!

In Germany, most businesses are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Even supermarkets are closed, so people who move to Germany quickly learn to do their grocery shopping in advance.

Fortunately, some grocery stores and pharmacies in Berlin are opened on Sundays. There are also special Sundays where stores are allowed to open.

What is open on Sundays in Berlin?

A number of shops are allowed to open on Sundays. These are usually located inside major train stations such as Friedrichstraße (Edeka), Ostbahnhof (REWE and Penny) and Südkreuz (Edeka). You can also find many other stores in the train stations: drugstores, pharmacies, flower shops etc.


The following train stations have grocery stores that open on Sundays1:

Often the supermarkets here are very busy on Sundays, especially if the weather is nice. It's not unusual to see a queue outside the Edeka at Friedrichstraße. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Apotheke, Rossmann and dm

The following train stations have Apotheke and Rossman branches that are open on Sundays1:

Restaurants, Spätis and flea markets

Restaurants are also allowed to open on Sundays, as well as some Apotheke and Rossmann branches. Most Spätis do not open on Sundays anymore. Additionally, you can sift through Berlin's many Sunday flea markets to find clothes, plants, souvenirs and quick eats.

Special Sunday shopping days

The city occasionally allows all shops to open on Sundays. These are called Verkaufsoffene Sonntage. Your local supermarket is usually open on these days, but not before 1PM. Participating stores usually announce the event in advance in flyers and advertisements.

Upcoming Sunday shopping days in Berlin

You can find the official list of Sunday shopping days on

Shops that participate to Verkaufsoffene Sonntage

The following shops habitually participate to special shopping Sundays in Berlin:

There’s an app for that

Alexander Freas created the Sonntags app to help you remember which businesses open on Sundays and see their opening hours. Sonntags also lets you see the upcoming Verkaufsoffene Sonntage and set reminders when they are around the corner.

Sonntags is available for iOS and Android.


Happy Sunday shopping!

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