The basics

Guides for things every Berliner should know.

List of public holidays in Berlin Public holidays in Berlin

This is a list of the official holidays in Berlin.

What is open on Sundays in Berlin? What's open on Sundays?

A complete guide to grocery stores, Apothekes and other businesses that open on Sundays in Berlin.

Quiet hours and noise laws in Berlin Quiet hours and noise laws

Here's how the quiet hours work in Berlin, and what to do with loud neighbours in Berlin

How to sort trash and recycle in Germany How to sort your trash

This guide shows you how to sort your rubbish and recycle properly in Germany.

The Pfand system: how to return bottles in Germany How to return empty bottles

This quick guide shows you which bottles and cans have a deposit in Germany, and how you can recognize them.

How to exchange your coins in Berlin How to exchange coins

Here's what you can do with your small change once you run out of mason jars.

How to use public transit in Berlin How to use public transit

This guide shows you how to use public transportation in Berlin, and how to use other options like car sharing, bike sharing and taxis.

How to stream or torrent movies in Germany How to stream and torrent movies

Piracy is not so easy in Germany, but there are ways to torrent without punishment. Here is how Germans pirate without getting caught.

How to address a letter in Germany How to address a letter

This is how you send letters and packages to addresses in Germany.

How to dial phone numbers in Germany How to dial phone numbers

Here is how German phone numbers are formatted, and how to call people in Germany.

Police and emergency numbers in Berlin Emergency phone numbers

If you need to call the emergency services, call 112. For the police, call 110. This guide also tells you how to call other emergency services in Berlin.