In Berlin, there are times when you can't make noise or disturb your neighbours.

When are the quiet hours?

Your apartment building can have its own quiet hours. It's very common. Some house rules (Hausordnung) have quiet hours in the afternoon (Mittagsruhe)1.

What can you do during quiet hours?

During quiet hours, you can't make noise that disturbs your neighbours.

You can't…

  • do house renovations
  • mow your lawn
  • use the vacuum cleaner
  • throw a party
  • play loud music

But there are exceptions to quiet hours:

  • children can play, laugh and cry during the day1
  • church bells can ring1
  • public events can take place if they have permission from the city
  • you can use your washing machine during the day

How to file a noise complaint

How to file a noise complaint ➞