English-speaking tax software for Germany

This guide lists software that can help you file a tax declaration in Germany. It also shows alternatives to tax software.

Tax and bookkeeping software costs are tax-deductible.1

Tax software for employees

Tax software for employees help you prepare and send a tax declaration. This is how you pay less income tax.

English-speaking options:

You can also file your taxes yourself in ELSTER. It’s free, but it’s only in German.

Tax software for freelancers

Tax software for self-employed people can handle invoicing, bookkeeping, VAT reporting, payroll and more.

English-speaking options:

German-speaking options:

Some business banks help you with invoicing, bookkeeping and VAT reporting. I don’t recommend them. You can have a good bank or good tax software, but you can’t have both in one product. Keep those services separate.

These banks help with your accounting:

Alternatives to tax software

Sources and footnotes
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