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Cost of living in Berlin, and Germany Cost of living

How much does it cost to live in Berlin? Is your salary enough to live there? This is how you can make a budget and find the answer.

What is the best German bank for you? How to open a bank account

This guide shows you how to choose a bank in Germany. It compares German banks and their fees.

Types of insurance in Germany Types of insurance

An overview of the different types of insurance in Germany. This guide explains each type of insurance and why they are important.

Tips to save money in Germany Tips to save money

Different ways to save money in Berlin and Germany, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

How to exchange your coins in Berlin How to exchange coins

Here's what you can do with your small change once you run out of mason jars.

How to get a free Schufa How to get a Schufa

If you are applying for an apartment in Berlin, you will almost always be asked to include a Schufa in your application. This is how you obtain a Schufa-Auskunft for free

English-speaking accountants and tax advisors in Berlin English-speaking tax advisors

A list of English-speaking Steuerberater in Berlin. They can help you file your taxes. This list also includes Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Polish-speaking tax consultants.

My honest N26 review - 5 years with N26 Review of N26

My opinion of N26 bank after 5 years. Is N26 safe? Is it good? Should you use it as your main bank in Germany? Here's what I think.

My honest review of Degiro (Germany) Review of Degiro

This is my experience with Degiro, an online stock broker in Germany. I use Degiro since 2018.

My review of Kontist: it's not worth it Review of Kontist

I use Kontist as my business bank since January 2022. All of my business goes through it. This is my honest review of their service.