An honest review of N26

An honest review of N26

An honest review of the N26 online bank after a year of use. Are the neat features worth dealing with a FinTech startup? Here is the verdict.

I switched to N26 because Commerzbank charged fees for everything. 6€ for using another bank's ATM, 40€ a year for a basic credit card, 7€ a month for an account and so on. N26 was free. No withdrawal fees, no account fees, no credit card fees. Free.

I've been an N26 customer for 4 years. N26 has improved a lot since 2016, so I had to rewrite the entire article. This is my experience as an N26 customer in 2019.

Why do I like about N26?

The main reason to go with N26 is the low fees. I switched to N26 because I was tired of paying fees to access my own money. There are a few more reasons I stayed with this bank.

No ATM fees

You get 5 free withdrawals every month1. After that, you pay 2€ per withdrawal1. Most German banks charge 5-7€ to use another bank's ATM. With N26, I haven't paid ATM fees in 4 years. I can use any ATM, even the sketchy ones in Spätis and U-Bahn stations.

No monthly fees

The standard N26 account is free. It comes with a free MasterCard and a free Maestro card. Many banks charge a yearly fee for their credit cards, but N26 doesn't. If you look at their price list, almost everything is free.

Excellent exchange rates

The N26 MasterCard is amazing for travelling. There are no transaction fees and no currency conversion fees. You pay the real exchange rate1. You only pay a fee if you withdraw money in other currencies1. I used my N26 card in over 20 countries without problems.

100% online

You will never need to go to a bank. Everything is done through the app. With Commerzbank, I had to take the train from Pankow to Charlottenburg just to sign some papers at my old branch. If you lose your credit card, you can block it and order a new one in a few minutes. You also get a push notification for every transaction.

No Anmeldung required

Some banks require an Anmeldebestätigung to open an account. This means that you need an official address in Germany to open a bank account... but you can't find an apartment without a bank account! N26 doesn't need that. They let you open a bank account even if you don't have a place to live.

English support

N26 is still the only German bank that operates 100% in English. Most German banks don't even have an English website. If you don't speak German, N26 is one of the best options. The app is also available in 5 languages.

10 minute signup

Opening an N26 account takes 10 minutes. You can open an account from anywhere in the world. All you need is a phone with a camera. You open the app, start a video chat, take pictures of your document and you are done. The signup process doesn't always work perfectly, but when it does, it's super quick. You get your credit card only a few days later.

...but there are other options!

N26 is not the only bank to offer those benefits. ING DiBa, DKB, Comdirect and bunq don't have ATM fees. Many banks let you open an account without an Anmeldung. Deutsche Bank offers limited English support. N26 is a great bank, but you should still look at the other options.

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What do I dislike about N26?

There are also a few things I dislike with N26. Online banks have their disadvantages, and N26 itself is far from perfect.

    It's hard to deposit money

    N26 offers no easy way to deposit cash in your account. In Germany, you often need to pay with cash, so you will have a lot of coins at home. If you want to get rid of your coins, you must go to the Bundesbank. The Bundesbank has very inconvenient opening hours.

    Some passports are not supported

    When you create your account, you must start a video chat and verify your passport. Some passport types are not supported. If video ID doesn't work, you must print a document and bring it to the post office. The person at the post office will verify your identity, and you will get your N26 card a few days later. Postident does not support all passport types either1, 2, 3. If you can't open an N26 account with your passport, bunq supports more passport types.

    Account creation issues

    When everything goes well, you can open an account in 10 minutes. It doesn't always go well. Many readers had problems when verifying their ID, or had to wait a long time for their new card. Others have to go to the post office to validate their ID. If you need a bank account right now, it's very annoying.

    Two-factor authentication issues

    If you lose access to your phone, you lost access to your bank account. If you want to use the desktop website, you must confirm the login on your phone. If you want to transfer money from the desktop website, you must confirm the transfer on your phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can't pay the rent. Other banks have the same problem, but you can always go to a local branch. N26 doesn't have a local branch.

    Bugs in the app

    The N26 app works well in general, but it has bugs. Sometimes, the app shows an error message when you sign in, but everything works fine. Sometimes, the app doesn't let you approve a transfer. It doesn't show any error; the "confirm" button just doesn't work. It apparently happens when you have poor cellphone reception, even if you are on Wi-Fi. The app normally works well, but those bugs can be very frustrating.

    Slow customer support

    The N26 support is not that good. I find the online chat very useful, but the agents take a long time to answer. Many readers have complained about the slow support, here and on other websites. It's still nice to have support in English, especially if you don't speak German.

    Limited services

    N26 is great for everyday banking, but it offers very limited investing options. If you want to invest your money, get a fancy credit card or get a mortgage, you need a traditional bank. This is why I also have an account at Commerzbank.

    The N26 app

    The N26 app has lots of nifty features that make it easier to budget and save money. Unfortunately, it also has a few bugs.

    Here are a few things I like about the N26 app:

    • Push notifications
      This is my favourite feature. You get a notification for every transaction in your bank account. When I pay with my N26 card, I get the notification before the receipt starts printing. It helps you keep an eye on your spending and catch unexpected transactions.
    • Spaces
      Spaces are a simple but useful feature. Spaces are buckets in which you can put money. You can transfer money to the "Bills" space, or create a "Vacations" space with a 3000€ savings goal. It's a nice way to create a simple budget.
    • Transactions and stats
      N26 automatically categorises your transactions. You can easily search through them, and see statistics for each month. Unfortunately, the statistics only show your spending. This is not very useful if you have irregular income.
    • Google Pay and Apple Pay
      N26 supports Google Pay, so you can pay by tapping your smartphone. I use N26 with Google Pay all the time.
    • Multiple language options
      The app can be set to English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.
    • Fingerprint login
      You can use your fingerprint instead of your password. This feature can be deactivated.
    • Privacy mode
      When you press the little eye icon, it hides your account balance and the amount of your transactions.

    Here are things I don't like about it:

    • No phone, no access
      When you try to log in on the N26 website, it sends a notification to your phone. You must click the notification before you can login. If your phone runs out of battery, you can't access your bank account.
    • Incomplete translations
      Parts of the app are not completely translated to English. Some labels will still show in German. It's a bit worrying when a bank doesn't show attention to such details.
    • MoneyBeam
      MoneyBeam is supposed to let you transfer money to other N26 users easily. In practice, if someone isn't in your contacts, it's faster to just use a bank transfer.
    • Bugs
      As explained above, the N26 app has a few bugs. Things don't always work like they should and it can be frustrating.


    Would I recommend N26? Sure. All of my day-to-day transactions go through N26, and I am overall very satisfied with the experience.

    If you just moved to Germany, N26 is a good bank to start with. You don't need an Anmeldung, and you don't need to speak German. The fees are low, and the N26 app is also pretty cool, especially the push notifications and the spaces. The biggest negative is the slow customer support and the bugs in the app.

    Visit the N26 website

    If N26 is not for you, take a look at DKB or ING DiBa. Both are great online banks with low fees. You might also prefer a traditional bank like Sparkasse or Deutsche Bank. If N26 doesn't support your passport, bunq supports more passport types. Just look at our comparison of German banks to find the right one for you.


    2017-09-25: Added corrections from commenters

    2017-10-05: Added that Postident only supports a limited list of ID documents

    2017-12-13: Corrected some facts, adjusted some parts to match my current opinion.

    2018-08-01: Corrected section about supported countries. Added details about Anmeldung.

    2019-11-25: Rewrote the entire article to be easier to read, and to match my current experience.


    • Camila Faustino

      I'm very disappointed with this bank.
      When I open my account I was in Brazil with a number from there, and then I changed my number for a European number but I forget to change my number in my app, but yesterday they asked me to do an authentication by a code which it was sent in my old number, that I don't have access anymore.
      I contacted the chat yesterday(31/01) and I talked with a guy who calls Nycoloas, he explained me the procedure, that I had gone to ATM and made a withdrawal and came back to chat give to him the rest of the information, and he gave me a code and told that someone would call me until 24 hours and I would have to give the code, and then they would change my new number. Until this point ok, because I understand that this is the procedure, but they didn't call me, so I decided to do another chat on Saturday (1/02/2020).
      My second chat was with Leonor, I give all my information again and explained that I was waiting for the call but I didn't happen yet, and I was needed to use the app urgently. Leonor told me that the had an intern problem, and my first request didn't happen, so he gave me another code and told me to wait because it was in priority. Now, after more than 24 hours of my first request, I've just tried again to talk on chat.
      Now, Fabio talked with me, I had to give him all the information again, and he told me that I will need to go again in an ATM, make a withdrawal and then come back AGAIN to the chat for someone to continue the procedure.
      What he told me: "It seems that there was a problem with the verification so I will have to kindly ask you to perform a new ATM withdrawal attempt so that we can properly verify you and request"
      I cannot understand this messy, the first time ok to do all these verifications and also the withdrawal, but if you, as a bank have any problem with the procedure, you had to contact me, you have my email and my new number. If I hadn't tried again to talk on chat, I would be waiting until I don't know when...
      This is super disrespectful to the clients.
      I don't recommend this bank who doesn't' have a minimum of respect with their clients.

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    • BritBanker

      My impression after a few months of using N26 metal is that it is great as a travel card used in conjunction with a full-service bank but is not suitable as a primary bank account. The app is good enough but lacks a lot of features I need.

      The whole point of N26 for me is being able to conduct foreign transactions without the exorbitant forex fees and poor rates offered by traditional banks. The metal subscription pays for itself every month I spend >GBP500 equivalent in foreign currencies (which is pretty much every month). All credit/debit cards available to HSBC UK Premier customers have non-sterling transaction fees and even the UK-issued Amex Platinum charge card has non-sterling fees.

      I also wouldn't feel comfortable doing all my banking with N26. I need statements to show my accountant from time to time. I need to know that transactions won't be declined randomly while the security algorithms are being perfected (random declines for security purposes still happen with HSBC Premier but I have a 24/7 direct line I can dial and speak with someone instantly if my card is declined at a hotel in Tblisi). Finally, I've heard enough bad stories of people having their accounts frozen/locked to put me off leaving more than a few thousand pounds in my N26 account at a time. They are still a startup after all and while deposits are covered I'm not convinced they've reached a point where I trust them with the entire cash balance of my UK account.

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      • Rarddok

        i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

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    • Carlton

      I have to confess, I'm a little bit surprised to read the volume of negative comments on this thread. Having banked with DB for almost four years and N26 for two, I cannot compare the latter favourably enough to the former.

      While DB's technology struggles to enter the 21st century (PhotoTAN, anyone) and causes us unnecessary volumes of life admin, N26 is a near frictionless experience. I say "near" as the recent experience with re-verifying my account was a little annoying and could have been tightened up a little.

      DB continue to chop down trees sending me piles of letters all the time (despite my repeated requests not to) - with N26, I get push notifications when anything important happens.

      DB charge us each month for the "privilege" of banking with them - N26 do not. DB does not have contactless payment with their card - N26 offers contactless payments, as well as Google Pay, free ATM withdrawals from other banks, etc.

      I could go on but it is really night and day...

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      • Michael

        Carlton I am retiring to Berlin and looking for my "bank." N26 sounds good. When you say you have free ATM withdrawals I am under the impression that you get 5 free withdrawals up to 250 euro a month and then after that you pay 2 euro per withdrawal. Is this true? Michael Hayden 2014 California Teacher of the Year

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        • Nicolas Bouliane

          Hi Michael. That's correct. You get 5 free withdrawals, then you pay a fee for them. It's still cheaper than out-of-network withdrawals with other banks. If you want unlimited free withdrawals, there are other banks you can choose from. See our comparison of German banks for more info.

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    • Karen

      I want to tell you about my terrible experience with the N26, I'm extremely disappointed and feeling misled by the company, or even bolder in the words "stolen" !!! I opened a metal account in Ireland, but I never received the card. When I returned to Italy, I decided to contact the company and request an Italian account, because I would not return to Ireland, I informed the support of my new address. , informing me that I should pay 45 € for a new card with updated address, but until then nobody informed me that there would be restrictions, as one of the fundamental things to deposit money on the card, when I went to ncash I was informed that I had no possibility to deposit from Italy, just by transfer or in Ireland, was very nervous because I paid 45 € plus monthly account maintenance fee 16.90, I contacted support again, they said there was no solution, nonsense I was not advised by they, they suggested that i pay € 190 every month annually so i could open an italian account, no way! I am very upset, angry with the company, mercenaries, lack of respect for the customer, just drove me to take my money! Friends who need a digital account are aware of this company, do not trust! They offer no solutions to repair the mistakes made, injuries to me and disappointment! I do not recommend !!! I want my money back! N26

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    • Mladen

      Very unpleasant experience with their unkind call agent during verification. And call agents should be far better in English.

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    • Deepal Jayasekara

      We tried to withdraw some money from the ATM, We got a notification that the transaction was successfully authorized, and the amount was deducted from the account. But the ATM didn't give any cash. Later we found out an explanation on their website saying "It happens". Why don't they fix the issues they have, rather than writing articles to decorate the bug as a feature???

      Foreign transfer - I wanted to perform a foreign currency transfer. I tried two times, and both failed giving an "Unexpected Error Occurred" red banner and a forever spinning "Processing" banner. Then we contacted support to see what's wrong. And we got the most stupid and hilarious response ever. He said that they use Transferwise as a service to do foreign transfers which THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OF. Then they asked me to contact Transferwise DIRECTLY to get my problem sorted. I myself is a software engineer who has years of experience in the Payments industry, so I know how things work. N26, Why would you ask your customer to contact YOUR 3rd party service which the customer has ABSOLUTELY NO CONTRACT with????? That's the most stupid and ridiculous answer ever.

      Getting a bank statement - Getting a full bank statement for official purposes is a nightmare. Support told us they don't issue certified bank statement including the history of transactions. You can only get a statement verifying your current balance (which is ridiculous)

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    • Erika Tang

      They got all my funds without notice or explanation! They had a second identification check up while I'm living abroad and their system cant support my foreign passport online unless I go back to Germany to present it "again" to the local post office. All my funds are frozen and my only option is to close the account and transfer all my funds to my bank account abroad, but their system also don't recognize my other bank. I'm trying to contact their customer support every day without response, explanation, update or estimate to have this problem solved. I have bills to pay and there's no landline to call, they are only an online bank and completely dismissive to all my attempts to resolve this situation! I feel helpless!!! My worse experience with a bank! Get your funds out of this bank ASAP!

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      • Et

        I’m facing similar problem at the moment. They refused my Resident Permit which is expiring in December although I’m planning to renew it next month. Then after a long wait of 3 weeks involving many emails I received a PostIdent voucher and instruction to do it in a local post office which I did straight away. A few days after that my account was re-activated. However just this morning I received a notice that my account would be closed in 60 days because I failed the re-verification process!!
        They blocked by bank app access again and there is no landline to call nor any instruction on how to transfer the fund to another bank. I couldn’t access my statements which I would need to renew my Resident Permit either!

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      • Desmond Molloy

        I would contact whoever it is that you owe the bills to. They may be able to recommend a debt collector. Failing that, try filing a report with the Federal Financial Authority--N26 is a German company, so this entity is responsible for regulating them (and could penalise them/cause problems for their licensing if they continue to act in this manner).

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      • Edward

        This is the worst bank all people must stay way I try to open account with this bank one week to check my id and nothing most times the don't open video call and when they open they close in few min saying the line is bad , I will not open anymore account with them I did give them some info of mine I just hope they don't use that , next time I am in Berlin I want to check that address they have if is tru or even that is fucking falls .

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    • Linn Langrekken

      Stay away from this bank! There are no other options in Germany for non-German speakers, but save yourself some time, effort and stress and don't sign up with N26.

      Every single step has been a hassle. I signed up two months ago and I've still not been able to use it. The startup video process took an hour, many assistants just hung up when I didn't speak German.

      I tried transferring money from my EU home country but it wasn't accepted. Upon trying to figure out why, they had no information to give me, and my bank of 15 years in my home country told me that this was N26's problem, not theirs. I've repeatedly tried to fix this, but they refuse to help me further.

      They've recently updated their login process to ask for phone verification, and they didn't tell me before implementing this. I've had trouble with sim cards here as well, and my phone number changes all the time. I tried changing this through the customer chat and they asked me if I could go to an ATM to make a transaction in order to verify myself. Just to change my phone number! Up until recently, all they've asked for a login has been an email and a password.

      The principle to have to go verify myself like that is just wrong. I've complained about that and they don't listen. I've asked for a different way of verifying myself (my bank in my country have many means of verification) and they asked me about my 5th transaction in my bank. I haven't even had 1 transaction! I answered that, and apparently the answer was wrong and the assistant closed the chat. I've asked the customer service 4 times now, having waited several hours on and on, and they just transfer me to other assistants or the internet connection is abrupted on their side.

      Highly unprofessional.

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    • Erika

      This is the worst banking experience.

      They advertise as great bank for travelers but their system don't support foreigners passports unless you are present, in my case - Germany where I started with them, for a sudden second identification check-up that can only be done at the local Post Office.

      My account was frozen without notice because I couldn't complete this sudden identification process online. I'm currently living abroad and have bills to pay but can't until I go back to Germany.

      The only option I have from afar is to close my account and transfer my funds to another account in my name, but they don't accept or recognize any bank account in Asia where I'm living, so I have to request the transfer to my husband's local german account -which is fine - but I'm still waiting for so long without an update from their customer service that is unclear to give me any estimate of how long it will take. It's been two weeks without being able to access my funds.

      I could never imagine having such a worse nightmare with a bank in life. I'm emailing them everyday, no answers, the only way to speak to someone is through their long waiting web customer support, their advisers are evasive with answers not giving us any clear information about what's happen or what will happen.

      There's no physical n26 office to call as they are only an online bank. N26 is unnacountable to the consequences that this problem on their system is causing me, I have school to pay, rent and daily expenses and at the moment waiting on a limbo at the mercy of their weak, irresponsible nd inneffective way to deal with this serious issue in their system.

      Their marketing strategy "for travelers" is just but a fraud to get costumers. They can't support travelers and Im unfortunately finding it out now.

      Now all my money is frozen without any expected time to be released. They are holding what is not theirs and not taking ownership for something that is their fault and should be resolved asap as a form of respect to the customers that once trusted their false market.

      If you have any funds on this bank, move it away to a safe bank account you can trust ASAP.

      After my experience, I don't trust neither will recommend this bank to anyone.

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    • Alana

      So after reading a ton of bad reviews about N26 possibly you guys never read the Ts & Cs properly but i had no issue whatsoever with signing up very quick, am based in UK and received my Debit card within 5 days, transferred a small amount of cash to the account from my existing one no problem, so will be watching out for any issues as i am expecting to draw a private pension very soon so will see what happens.

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    • Luciana

      Simply stay away. All goes well, until it doesn't, until they randomly decide to block your account and access to your own funds.

      Since August 21, 2019 my account is unlawfully blocked. Numerous attempts to contact N26's customer service, gain further insight and solve this issue remained unsuccessful. I am meanwhile seven days without any access to my account. I have to assume that payments I initiated are not processed either. I urged them to take immediate steps and, yet, the only thing their customer agents on their chat are able to say is that my query is being handled, they have no visibility on anything else, and I shall receive an email soon (no ETA). Then, they close the chat.


      19.08.2019 – I received an email requesting to re-verify my identity as a routine procedure that all banks have to follow, which I did straight away. In this email it stated that during the re-verification process I would be able to use my N26 card to make purchases or withdrawals, receive money, just would not be able to access my N26 app.

      21.08.2019 – Whilst I was trying to pay for my taxi fare, my card was declined and a message on my screen appeared: “We couldn’t process your transaction because your account has been blocked. We’ll email you with details.” I contacted your support team via chat and I was told there was nothing that could be done, my “account was seized” and they couldn’t give me more information apart from the fact that I’d be contacted soon by email. Several agents closed the chat on me without giving me any further information and refusing to escalate this issue. My funds were seized and I didn’t have access to it nor did I have any estimation of when N26 would provide an explanation or transfer my funds to another account. I promptly provided another account number for my money to be transferred.

      23.08.2019 – I received an email stating that I haven’t followed the request to verify my identity, resulting in my N26 account being terminated. This is probably from an incorrect template, as I had re-verified my identity on the same date as I received the 1st email (which also stated that I had until the 09.09.2019 to do so. In the same email, there was a request to provide my new account details AGAIN (3rd time) for N26 to transfer my funds.

      Between 21.08 and 26.08, several direct debits have been declined and as I haven’t had access to my funds, I have been unable to settle them yet. As of now, I haven’t received my funds in the alternative account number I provided.

      I am elsewise forced to engage legal support and file for injunctive relieve – demanding coverage of any potential costs or damage that will be caused by the unjustified seizure of my account.

      It's now the 28th of August and this issue is still pending.

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      • Joanna

        Hi Luciana,

        I have almost the same issue, my account is blocked without knowing and I tried numerous time to log in again but all failed. I have written many times to their customer support but I don't get any helpful solutions. I would also turn to legal support if my issue is not fixed.


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    • Ryann

      N26 is great until they aren't—then you are left with no bank, no money, and no recourse. Since April 2019, I have noticed a big increase in complaints about N26, in particular their habit of shutting you out of your own account without reason and restricting "support" only to email. You get a message like "we are working on it, try back in 22 days." It's too bad to watch an ok product fail, but that is clearly what is happening here. I'm pulling my money out.

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    • R Busse

      These folks are dangerous. They are holding thousands of my Euros hostage. They deny me phone pairing, web transfer access, etc. Their customer support folks are creative liars. Telling stories like they cant send SMS because the phone companies have identified them as spammers, No, I received an SMS from them just minutes earlier. Not sending the SMS code for pairing is one of many tactics to keep the money unsuspecting customers have deposited there. BAFin complaint in the making. If they are to broke to pay out a few thousand Euro in deposit, I would risk another dime on this sinking ship.

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    • Ekaterina

      Have been using N26 for a year, since my first days in Germany in January 2018. With a working visa in a Russian pass and my old Motorola 3G, I opened an account within few days (that were taken up by delivery of the card). It was the best thing amongst all this administrative stuff a newcomer has to do in the first days.
      I had no problems all along: getting paid by the University, receiving reimbursements, transferring money to landlords and colleagues and requesting bank statement. The customer support was expectedly good, always friendly. I really appreciate the withdrawal limit is set not as an amount of money but in the number of withdrawals (5 for youngsters, 3 for "grown-ups"). The only weird trouble I had was adding money to the account. Adding (!!) money to the account is (was??) not free after a certain limit.

      After I've recently changed my phone (to Nokia 6.1), I simply can not log in to my account in the app. That ultimately means that I CANNOT make ANY TRANSFER. And while the tech support "is working on my request", I have nothing to do but to switch to some other bank. And also recently, I started to get the first problems with the incompetence of the customer support.
      Hope, N26 will get better over time though. I really wish the guys all the best, but the product as it is nowadays is pathetic and not operable.

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    • Pol

      Hi. Anyone knows how to get your money back once N26 cancels your account without reason? I am trying to contact them by live chat, email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but they dont have information available. Supposedly they can only be reached by email for those matters - but I have been 5 days without a reply so far.

      Did anyone get their money back after putting it in N26 and trying to make a wire transfer? Please let me know how you did it.

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      • Matija

        Similar experience, trying to reach them, mediocre and extremely slow communication, been waiting for a full month now for my funds transfer since they decided without any explanation but "serious violation or terms and conditions..." to shut down the account effective immediately. If anyone knows a way how to go about it besides that they transfer the funds to the same person's other account, I'd greatly appreciate that.

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      • Blizzy

        i lost my 10.800 euro to N26. they cancelled my account without reasons and now i suffer for it. sad for me. the bank is a big scam

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        • Luke

          Sorry, but I can't believe this is true. A bank can't simply shut down an account and pocket any left over cash, that's literally called stealing.

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    • K J

      09.05.2019. They are not accepting certain email accounts, example ending with and they need some crap gmail account this is annoying .

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      • Km

        15.05.2019 Very disappointing. I did read reviews that opening an account is straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes. I am in the process of opening an account since yesterday and can't go through because the N26 app can't geolocate me for some reason ( and yes I did check that my location services is on and the app has permission to access my location). I tried 4 times and each time I have to retake the photos of my ID (4 in total) plus photo of my face and then app can geolocate me so verification can't be done. I can't use the video chat of the app as the account is not yet open, there is no phone number to call and no email to contact N26. This is completely ridiculous. There must be another way to verify the identity without having to use the phone app! when I login to the WebApp, it says let's switch to the phone app for verification but phone app can't geolocate me....its a catch 24 situation

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        • Tony Serio

          I used them and then closed after two weeks to go with what was my first choice, DB. N26 has Horrid customer service. Way better customer service and more features including the Intl. ATM usage and transfer fees are low.

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          • Carlton

            I've lived in Berlin for almost four years now. I bank with DB and N26 and cannot disagree more with your comment. I think it is, perhaps, just bad luck. But the DB customer service, information flow and technology is WAY worse for us (DB is still our home/domestic account and N26 provide our business accounts).

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    • Rupin

      They started accepting Indian passport if you hold a German resident permit.

      Reply to Rupin
      • Reply to Rupin

    • Juan

      The worst customer service experience anyone can have. Agents close the chats without responding to your questions. They sport levels of incompetence only the worst companies in Europe have. They claim to be secure but they are rude, unhelpful and make banking with them a nightmare. I am looking for a more human alternative. They are not a bank, they are crooks offering an app and playing with money.

      Reply to Juan
      • Reply to Juan

      • Tony Serio

        100% agree. Atrocious is an understatement. DB blew them away in every regard.

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        • Reply to Tony Serio

      • Patrick

        I also just had a terrible customer "service" experience with N26. I set up the account yesterday, but as part of the activation process, they send you an SMS. It never arrived. I asked for it to be re-sent several times. It never arrived. I can't contact N26 via the app because my phone isn't paired, so I used the web app and ended up chatting with someone. I explained the problem, and he said that before he could do anything, he had to verify my identity with 3 pieces of information: 1. The number from the ID used to set up the account; 2. Last 4 of my IBAN, which appears on the website. So far, so good. 3. The number of the MasterCard. It has not arrived in the mail since I only set up the account yesterday. After explaining this to the customer "support" guy, he said I just have to wait for the card to arrive, then chat again. I said no way. Then he told me that SMS codes to +1 numbers are not working now, but they have their best people working on a solution. I asked to chat with a supervisor so we could solve this, but he told me that he had already provided a solution.

        Reply to Patrick
        • Reply to Patrick

        • Jussi

          I had similar experience, too, even though I had already received the Master Card. I never received the SMS. My number is Finnish. After I had given correctly answered to the security questions, the customer service person wrote, in the chat, 'I cannot find an account with the details you provided. I'll finish this chat now'. So he did.

          Reply to Jussi
          • Reply to Jussi

        • Jussi

          Then another customer "service" person promised, in a chat, that I will be telephone in an hour's time. That never happened.

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      • JéRôMe

        "I am looking for a more human alternative. "

        If you live inside the EEA, then bunq would be a good alternative.

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        • Reply to JéRôMe

    • Sera K

      I wanted to so badly for N26 to work out, like this article states, but I was so wrong....N26 has been the worst experience I have ever had with a bank. From there attrocious customer support, to their continuing 'server' issues, and lack of important and relevant information. First issue I had was I could not pair to a phone with my USA number (nowhere does it state that in the signup process). If you would like to pair with a USA phone you need to wait for your card, then activate, then go to the support chat (If it is acutally working, more times than not the server is down or everyone is busy). Then someone should call, though the first two times no one ever called, to give you the SMS pairing code. You have 30 seconds to enter the code so be ready and logged in, which no one tells you, so the code expires. Then when you ask for them to call again, they cannot because your phone is unable to pair for the next 24hrs. Oh, and if you want to make a transfer, don't bother, there is always an 'unexpected error' message until you either pair your phone. Once I finally got a Germany number, then more problems arose with basic transfers and transactions and customer support was useless. Needless to say, I am closing the account and using DKB with no problems at all :D
      Please, if you value your time, money, and sanity, stay away from this joke of a bank.

      Reply to Sera K
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      • Anon

        Thank you for this comment. I have been trying to pair my phone for a week and only after reading this decided to google about the USA number pairing. You're right, it doesn't work and N26 doesn't inform you of this ANYWHERE. I ended up having to use their chat system, and after 45 minutes of verifications I was told that I need to wait for a phone call that would come within 24 hours, but could also come later than 24 hours, and "to be patient." I haven't yet transferred money to this account and indeed think I will just close it and go with a different bank...

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    • Jake Bloyer

      It all sounds good by the reviews but I myself like the interaction of people and going into a local bank. You get friendly with those people you can strive deals with loans even. And most of all if you have all that information out like that someone could unlock your phone and get all the details they want. Or even log in and hack N26 database like someone just commented on here. I'll stick to my actual bank!

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    • Saurabh

      Doesnt accept Indian passport as valid document. Moved to DB as I got zero balance account with no monthly charges in case you are salaried.

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    • Domenico

      Salve, a me hanno chiuso il conto probabilmente per troppi prelievi mensili ATM.Dopo molte chat e raccomandate alla sede di Berlino, da circa un mese alcuna risposta da parte di N26.Potete consigliarmi un avvocato a Berlino che parla in Italiano per affrontare questo problema.Grazie e Saluti.

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    • Gon88

      They blocked my account for no reason (I suspect too many ATM withdrawals) and after 3 weeks I still have not recovered my money.

      They told me to provide a bank account to transfer my funds, but they haven't transferred them yet.

      If I try to contact via suppport chat they provide no help and close the chat immediately.

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    • Matthew

      Have used them for almost a year now. This is the way modern banks need to go. I have found them almost faultless. In most circumstances this is a great bank, but particularly if you move around a lot internationally since the lack of card charges and ATM withdrawals are streets ahead of others (I have 5 different accounts). Verdict 9 out of 10

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    • Michael Anthony

      Security is a joke. My account was wiped out and even after contacting service and blocking my card, transactions - credit and debit are still continuing 10 days later. More than 100 fraudulent transactions and I have been told to fill sign and scan one form for each transaction. Meanwhile new fraudulent transactions continue. All this after I have been paying for N26Black services every month.

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    • Ralph

      Like many others have noted, their customer support is terrible. Yes, the live chat works, but these are just front of house staff. The ones actually doing the technical work are impossible to get hold of. They never reply to emails.
      It all looks lovely until you have a problem, then it all falls apart. I'd put your money elsewhere.

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    • Gervin Williams

      I am trying to find out more information on this Bank the N26 . I am looking for a Bank that deals in English. I would like to open an Cheching Account in deposit a check for 1.6 Million USD . I would like to get Credit CARDS , ATM and Unlimited withdrawals. Can you please recommend a good Bank to do Business with ???? If so . Can you please send me an Application or the Address to the Bank..I await your reply ASAP. Thank You .

      Reply to Gervin Williams
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      • Nicolas Bouliane

        Gervin, to open an account, just click the link in this article and follow the instructions on the N26 website. Deutsche Bank also offers English customer service. Other banks only work in German.

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      • Jessica

        N26 doesn't accept cheques.

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    • Svitlana

      The article seems interesting.
      But the last two days I have problems with contacting N26 support. The issue is that I had to buy a new phone (due to the fact that the old one was broken) and there I couldn't enter my password to N26 application as is was saved in the old phone. I tried to press the button "TO reset password' but for 2 days I am not receiving any further links to my mail box to actulally change my password. I mailed to Support email but they are not answering. I can't use the Life chat to talk to the support as it is avaliable only after I log into my account (which I can't do). I even left the message in N26 Facebook page about this issue, still no answer. So I guess that's it, there are no ways for me to receive the control over my accout anymore. Moreover I need to make an urgent payment and can't do that. It doesn't look like a professional way to do Banking Business.
      Are there any other ways to contact the N26 Bank (as I did'find them on the website of Google)?

      Reply to Svitlana
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      • Juan

        No other way. Useless completely. Only if you are a premium user you get to talk to a human.

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    • Gabriel

      They are good if you need to open an account fast and without going through much bureaucracy. However, their customer service is terrible. I had a problem with an withdraw and they were unable to explain me how to take back the money that shouldn’t have been taken from my account in the first place and everytime I got in contact with them they would give me a different answer and not solve my problem.

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    • Dzvinka

      This November (2018) I used my Ukrainian passport at Postident and no problems occurred. Also, when I applied to get an account, my residence had not yet been registered at the local office. However, it also was not a problem as my account was still opened. Please, correct those mistakes in the article.

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    • Nihad

      I had more than unpleasant experience with this bank. I have been waiting for more than a month for a card to arrive. In that time, I had no way of paying my rent, my bills, cash to spend every day. My advice is not to use online bank for a simple reason, when you have problem you cannot go physically in bank and resolve it on spot, you have to talk to their support, which cannot help you in any way except tell you what you already know. And the biggest problem is that you cannot go in bank and take money when you do not have a card or access to ATM.

      Reply to Nihad
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      • Carl

        I don't get why you would need a card to pay your rent or your bills. And yes, you can take cash without your card using Cash26. You can also pay using your phone (google/ apple pay).

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    • Kai

      I will be moving to Germany soon and my plan was to get a cheap prepaid SIM at the airport and then get a plan later on. If I register N26 with my prepaid SIM, will I have issues later when trying to switch it to another SIM?

      Reply to Kai
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      • Nicolas Bouliane

        This won't be a problem. I have a prepaid SIM, and my N26 account is paired to my phone. When you change phone numbers, you need to unpair your phone and pair it again with the new number. I have done it a month ago. It only takes 5-10 minutes if you have access to both phone numbers.

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    • George

      The email you receive with PostIdent check, specifically instructs you to have your passport and Meldebescheinigung.

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      • Nicolas Bouliane

        This depends on your country of origin. If your passport is supported, you can use video ID. If it's not, you must use Postident. In that case, you are right, a Meldebescheinigung is needed.

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    • Leo

      Hey there Nick, quick question, if you don't mind: I am asserting the possibility of shedding my Sparkasse account, due to their (unreasonable) fees, but, as you might suspect, am a bit skeptic about receiving my salary straight into N26. Care to share your opinion of this matter, since to my understanding, you are so doing at the current stage?

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      • Alex

        Has the same deposit guarantee as any Sparkasse.

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    • Filipe

      I've read N26's Privacy Policy, and is far worse than most conventional banks. Commerzbank's isn't great either, but N26, Revolut, and a few others need to up their game.

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    • Gali

      I have an account with n26. A transfer I made over two months ago was failed, yet this money is still missing on my account. Meaning, the money went through but didn't arrive its' destination, but n26 are saying it's gone. Anyone has any idea how can I get them to refund me and send MY money back to my account?
      Conclusion- the moment you have a real problem, there is no phone line and the correspondence goes only by chat or emails and takes forever.
      Hope someone could help.....

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    • Jim Croke

      I spoke with their "customer care" team on Wednesday morning who advised me it would take 7hrs to transfer from Australia to my acc via 3rd party "transfer wise" it's now Friday 4pm and the response I'm getting is "we can't see incoming transfers" and sorry theres nothing we can do. Not a great start to n26 being left in limbo for 3 more days . 1* regardless of free stuff.

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    • Hyun

      I tried N26 and ING-Diba at the same time and found ING-Diba is much better because of customer service. You can actually speak with a person with ING-DiBa. However, N26 only services you through their chat system who I suspect is not N26 staff but hired remote company customer support company. I have been trying to close my N26 account but they are keeping my money for already now over a month. They keep telling me N26 will contact me with closing status but as of now no progress. So beware.

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      • Rebecca

        Nah, Customer service is their staff. They've just started doing business, they couldn't outsource at this stage. And I have seen them ;)

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      • Berlinwagelabourer

        The people are real, struggling workers trying to get by in the very tough call-center economy in Berlin, mostly young and all highly-skilled and at least bilingual (except for the English). The company pays these folks around €24,000 euros a year -- which is actually "really good" for a call center in Berlin, and they know this , so on your knees, proles! --- to listen to your complaints in real time for 40-odd hours a week (do the math on that), and plies its workforce with beer parties and other scale-uppy goodies. Don't blame the workers, the workers are busting their butts for this company. Whether or not you want to support the business model based on workforce exploitation is up to you.

        Reply to Berlinwagelabourer
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    • Nicolas Bouliane

      You are right Matt. If your document is not supported by the Video ID process, you need to use PostIdent, which requires a Meldebestätigung (and an Anmeldung).

      This was the case when I opened my account, and it's still the case for some passports.

      Reply to Nicolas Bouliane
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    • Matt

      Just a disclaimer here: the thing with the Anmeldung is not all true. If you're required to confirm identity through Postident, the post office employee needs your address and he might ask for a document to confirm. I guess it's not a completely strict requirement but it happens frequently (did to me just recently).

      Reply to Matt
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      • Nicolas Bouliane

        We have several reports confirming that Postident does not require an Anmeldung anymore, but it seems to depend on the post office employee.

        Reply to Nicolas Bouliane
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        • Anh Nhan

          A family member of mine with a foreign passport didn't need an Anmeldung; they wrote down the adress on the staying permit which suffices I guess.

          Reply to Anh Nhan
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    • Jan

      Are the cash withdrawals 100% free? I read on their website that you have 5 withdrawals / month free then it’s 2€ / withdrawal ..

      Reply to Jan
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      • Rubens

        There is a difference between ATM withdrawals and their so-called "CASH26" system withdrawals. That 5 limit (and the subsequent fees) are for ATMs only. All withdrawals done at any of the participant retail stores and supermarkets are free.

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