How to cancel a BVG yearly ticket

How to cancel a BVG yearly ticket

Cancelling a BVG yearly subscription isn't that easy. This is how you do it.

Like other German contracts, BVG subscriptions must be cancelled in writing. You must write the letter yourself and mail it to the BVG. There is no online form.

How BVG subscriptions are renewed

BVG subscriptions are renewed automatically. If you do not request a cancellation, your subscription will be extended automatically for another 12 months. You must request a cancellation at least 6 weeks before the end of your subscription.

Cancelling your BVG subscription by email or mail

You must request a cancellation in writing at least 6 weeks before the end of your subscription10.1. At least, that's what the BVG says. I cancelled my subscription 3 weeks before it ended, and it worked.

You can cancel your subscription by email, by mail, or in person at a BVG Kundenzentrum. Sending an email is the easiest way.

1. Find your BVG contract number

In order to cancel your BVG yearly ticket, you need to know your customer number (Kundennummer), your contract number (Vertragsnummer) or subscription number (Abonummer).

You can find this number on the subscription confirmation letter you received from the BVG. This is not the number on your BVG card, and this is not the number in your order confirmation email (Abonnement Best-Nr).

2. Send a written cancellation request

Fill the template below with your information, then send the letter to the BVG by email1 or by post.

By email:

By post:1
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)
FVM-V4 (43340)
10096 Berlin

Message template:
See this example

3. Receive confirmation from the BVG

Once the BVG receives your written request, they will reply with a confirmation. Your BVG yearly ticket will still work until the end of your 12 month subscription.

4. Return your BVG card

At the end of your 12 month subscription, your card will stop working. You have 10 days to return the plastic card to the BVG10.5. If you do not return the card, you will be billed 10€10.5.

Cancelling your BVG subscription in person

You can also cancel a BVG yearly ticket at any BVG Kundenzentrum. You will sign have to sign a paper, and a few days later, you will receive a confirmation letter by mail.

List of BVG Kundenzentren


  • Jennifer

    Thank you for this guide and the links. I sent the template letter to the e-mail & there were no problems cancelling.

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  • Callum

    I just tried emailing them and I got a response saying that their email inbox is full. ???!!!

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  • Pratik Gaur

    I went to BVG office at Alexanderplatz 12 days before ending of contract and they just cancelled it and made no fuss about being late or something.

    I really like how efficient they are.

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  • Daniela

    I’m about to leave country and I had to cancel the bvg pass , but I’ll do do the abmeldung how it work ??

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