Getting around

Guides for the mobile Berliner

How to buy and ride a bicycle in Berlin How to buy and ride a bicycle

Everything cyclists should know about riding a bicycle in Berlin: where to buy a bicycle, what equipment is required and what the rules are and more.

How to buy a car in Germany How to buy a car

A step by step guide to buying, registering and insuring a vehicle in Berlin and the rest of Germany

How to use public transit in Berlin How to use public transit

This guide shows you how to use public transportation in Berlin, and how to use other options like car sharing, bike sharing and taxis.

How to pay (or avoid paying) a BVG fine How to pay a BVG fine

If you are caught on the train without a valid ticket, you will get a fine. This is how you pay, reduce or avoid a BVG fine.

How to cancel a BVG yearly ticket

This is how you cancel a BVG yearly ticket. You can do it by email, by post, at a BVG Kundenzentrum, or on the BVG website.

What is the BVG's 10-Uhr-Karte What is a 10-Uhr-Karte?

The BVG offers a "10-Uhr-Karte" that is only valid from 10AM. It's cheaper, but there are a few catches.