If you use public transit without a valid ticket, the BVG can give you a 60€ fine. This guide shows you what to do when you get a fine.

How to reduce the fine

Sometimes. There are two conditions1:

  1. You had a valid ticket. For example, you have a BVG monthly ticket, but you forgot it at home. An unstamped ticket is not a valid ticket.
  2. and your ticket is not transferable. This means that no one else can use it, because your name is written on it. For example, the student card (Schülerticket) is not transferable1, 2. Most other tickets are transferable.

If you meet both conditions, you can reduce your fine from 60€ to 7€1. You must use the BVG online self-service. After you get the fine, you have 7 days to react. You can do it online, or at any BVG service centre. If you got a fine on the S-Bahn, you must go to a Deutsche Bahn service centre.

Even if you don't meet those conditions, you can try to get a reduced fine1, 2. Some people get lucky.

Ask for a fine reduction — BVG service portal

Can I ignore a BVG fine?

No! If you ignore the fine, they will give it to a collection agency. The fine get more expensive1. If you still don't to pay, you can go to jail1, 2.

Even if you live in another country, they sometimes try to collect the fine1.

A BVG fine will not affect your visa or residence permit application, even if you ignore it.

How to pay the fine

Do not pay the ticket checker

If you are on a BVG bus, tram, or U-Bahn train, don't give money to the ticket checker. BVG ticket checkers can't take your money. Some ticket checkers keep the money you give them1, 2. Some scammers pretend to be ticket checkers, and take your money. You can ask to see their BVG badge.

If you are on the S-Bahn or the Deutsche Bahn, you can pay the fine on the train. You can only pay by card1. Don't pay with cash. Always ask for a receipt.

Step 1. Find your EBE number

You must find your EBE number to pay your fine. It's written on your fine1. It's a 13-digit number labelled EBE-Nr.

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Pay online

If you have a European bank account, you can pay the BVG fine online. You can also ask for a fine reduction online.

Pay at a BVG Kundenzentrum

Bring your fine at one of the BVG and Deutsche Bahn customer service centres, wait in line and pay the fine. Make sure you keep the receipt.

Pay by bank transfer

You can pay the fine with a SEPA transfer. Just follow the the instructions on this page. You will not get a receipt from the BVG if you pay by bank transfer, so keep the transfer confirmation from your bank.

What if I live in another country?

You should still pay the fine. If you live in Europe, you can still make a SEPA transfer. If you don't live in Europe, you can use Wise to transfer money to the BVG.

What if I lost the fine?

If you lost the fine and you don't know how to pay it, you can write to the BVG at [email protected], or visit a BVG service centre1.

In your email, include this information:

  • The date when you got caught
  • Train line or train number
  • First name and last name
  • Address
  • Date of birth

Need help?

Contact the BVG. If you need a lawyer to help you, look at our list of English-speaking lawyers in Berlin.