How to make friends in Berlin

This guide shows you how to meet new people and make friends after you move to Berlin.

Before you start

It’s normal to feel lonely

Everyone feels lonely in their first year. It’s a normal part of moving to a new city.

Your first friends might be nomads just like you. Many will leave, and it might hurt. It gets easier with time. You will meet people who choose to stay, just like you.

Berliners are not the friendliest strangers. It’s normal to miss small talk and nice interactions. It gets better when you learn German, but you also get used to it. It just takes time.

Everyone feels lonely at first, but it gets better. You will slowly rebuild your social circle, discover new passions, meet new people. It just takes time and a bit of effort.

How to meet people in Berlin


It’s easier to meet people around a shared hobby like chess or bouldering. Meeting strangers is always a little awkward, but it’s easier if you have something to do at the same time.



If you are a student, go to orientation week, and join your school’s Erasmus community. They organise many activities for international students.

There are Facebook groups and organisations for every nationality in Berlin. Here are a few:

Other ways to make friends