Visiting Berlin

Guides for the well-prepared visitor

Berlin travel guide: what to see, do and eat in Berlin Visiting Berlin

If you are visiting Berlin, these are the things you should see and do, and the things you should know.

Coronavirus in Berlin: rules, quarantine, tests and vaccines Coronavirus in Berlin

The COVID-19 situation explained in plain English, including risk areas, travel restrictions, quarantine rules, getting tested and getting vaccinated.

How to use public transit in Berlin How to use public transit

This guide shows you how to use public transportation in Berlin, and how to use other options like car sharing, bike sharing and taxis.

How to tip in Germany How to tip in Germany

This guide tells how tipping works in German restaurants, bars, taxis, hairdressers and more. It explains when to leave a tip, and how much you should tip.

How to buy weed in Berlin Where to buy weed

This is how you buy marijuana safely in Germany's capital.