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Guides for the curious Berliner

Which movies are set in Berlin? Movies set in Berlin

These movies were filmed in Berlin, and prominently feature the German capital.

Why are there two kinds of Netto in Germany? Two kinds of Netto

There are two kinds of Netto supermarkets in Germany. One with a dog logo, and one without. Here's the difference.

What are the small worms in German trees? Worms in trees

What are these worms that cover German trees in silk, and why you should not touch them.

What does "m/w/d" mean in German job offers? What does "m/w/d" mean?

German job offers often show "m/w/d" in the title. It's an abbreviation for "male/female/diverse".

What fonts do German signs use? Fonts used on German signs

A list of typefaces that are commonly used in Germany. It includes fonts used by the BVG, the Deutsche Bahn and other German organisations.

What font does the BVG use? Fonts used by the BVG

Which font is the BVG using in its ads and signage, and why?

How to dispose of a Christmas tree in Berlin How to dispose of a Christmas tree

When the holidays are over, this is how you get rid of your old Christmas tree.