Guides for the healthy Berliner

How to choose German health insurance How to choose health insurance

This guide explains how public and private health insurance work in Germany. It helps you choose the best health insurance for your needs.

Which health insurance do you need for a German visa? Health insurance for your German visa

This guide shows you how to choose valid health insurance for your German visa application.

How to find English-speaking medical professionals in Berlin English-speaking doctors

When it comes to health matters, finding a doctor who speaks your language is especially important. Here are resources to help you find an English-speaking medical professional in Berlin.

List of English-speaking dentists in Berlin English-speaking dentists

A list of known English-speaking dentists in Berlin, built from various sources like Facebook posts, Reddit threads, guides from embassies and Google Maps reviews.

How to take sick days in Germany How to take sick days

What happens when you get sick in Germany. How to take sick days, when to get a sick note from the doctor, and who pays your salary while you recover.

How to buy eyeglasses in Germany How to buy eyeglasses

Information about getting glasses in Germany: what health insurance covers, where to buy glasses, and how to pay less.

How to deal with hay fever in Germany How to deal with hay fever

Tips for fighting a pollen allergy in Germany, and where to get allergy pills.

Getting diagnosed with ADHD in Berlin and Germany How to get diagnosed with ADHD

A detailed guide to diagnosing and treating adult ADHD in Germany

My honest Techniker Krankenkasse review Review of Techniker Krankenkasse

My experience with TK health insurance after 5 years. Is TK a good public health insurance? Here's my opinion.

Should you trust Ottonova? An objective review Review of Ottonova

Before you choose Ottonova as your German health insurer, you should consider these points.