Coronavirus in Berlin: current restrictions and how to get tested

This guide helps you understand the Coronavirus situation in Berlin. It is frequently updated.

Coronavirus rules and updates for Berlin

Travel restrictions in Berlin, Germany and the EU

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How to get tested for Coronavirus in Berlin

Testing for travellers

To get tested, you must go to a testing centre for travellers:

Testing for Berliners

Official page: What to do if you suspect you have symptoms

List of testing options

How much does a test cost?

When will I get test results?

The results will arrive in 3 to 5 days1, 2, 3. You can see your test results on the MDI website (click COVID-19 Testergebnisse MDI-Limbach), or in the Corona-Warn-App. The app does not always shows the results quickly1. You can also receive the results by phone, email and post1.

If you test positive, you must stay in quarantine. The Gesundheitsamt decides how long you must quarantine1. They will contact you and tell you what to do1. Some people say the Gesundheitsamt never contacted them1.

Contact tracing app for Germany

Germany has a contact tracing app. It's called Corona-Warn-App. It shows you if you have been in contact with infected people. It's very easy to use.

If you can't install the app, change your app store country to Germany (Android instructions, iOS instructions).

Corona hotlines for Berlin

If you have coronavirus symptoms, or questions about getting tested, call one of the coronavirus hotlines.

You can also call your local Gesundheitsamt: