Where to get passport photos taken in Berlin

Where to get passport photos taken in Berlin

Getting biometric pictures taken for passports, visas and drivers' licences is quite simple in Berlin. Here's how it's done.

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Getting biometric pictures taken in Germany is really easy: all you need to do is to find a FotoFix machine, insert 6€ in coins and sit tight for a few seconds. The machine will print 4 copies of your passport photo a minute later. These biometric photos are accepted for most German documents offices, including visas, driving licences and passports.

Keep in mind that foreign offices may have different requirements for their biometric photos. US and Canadian passports require a different picture size for instance. In this case, you can get your biometric pictures taken in most photography studios for 5 to 15 euros. I had my Canadian passport photos taken at Alles ums Foto in Mitte.