List of English-speaking psychiatrists and psychotherapists in Berlin

List of English-speaking psychiatrists and psychotherapists in Berlin

When it comes to health, it's important to have a doctor who speaks your language. Mental health is no exception. This is a list of psychiatrists and psychotherapists​ who speak English in Berlin.

Your mental health is important. It's also important to get help in your language. Below is a list of psychiatrists and psychotherapists who speak English in Berlin. This list is compiled from different sources, but it's still incomplete. If a therapist is missing from our list, let us know.

Psychiatrist or psychotherapist?

In Germany, psychiatrists are doctors, and they can prescribe medication. Psychotherapists can only perform therapy with their patients. There are much stricter requirements to become a psychiatrist, so there are fewer of them. If you need therapy, see a psychotherapist. If you need medication, see a psychiatrist.

For more information on psychotherapy and psychiatry in Germany, have a look at the US Embassy's guide on the topic.

How hard is it to find a psychotherapist?

Finding a psychotherapist in Germany is difficult, especially if you are looking for an English-speaking therapist. According to Tagesschau, getting a first appointment with a therapist that supports public health insurance takes 3 months in Berlin. It's much easier to find a therapist if you pay yourself.

Psychiatrist and therapist directories

In addition to the medical professionals listed further down, these directories allow you to find English-speaking psychiatrists and therapists:

Emergency help

If you need psychological help right now, call the Berliner Krisendienst. They speak English, and their help is available 24/7.


PPCC - Dr. Ernst Seiffert

"Tempelhofer Damm 129, 12099 Berlin, Germany"
Psychiatrist, speaks English, Italian and Spanish, private patients only

Frau Dr. med. Christine Riegel

"Matthiasstraße 7, 10249 Berlin, Germany"
Psychiatrist, speaks English, French and Spanish

Praxis für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Gaby Weuthen

"Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44, 10999 Berlin, Germany"

Dr. med. Cordula Dietrich

"Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 5, 10407 Berlin, Germany"
Psychiatrist, accepts public insurance

Sabine Liesegang

"Berliner Str. 6"
Psychiatrist, speaks English and Russian

Dr. Köller

"Esmarchstraße 19"

Annette Kreutz Fachärztin f.Psychosomat.Med. und Kinderheilkunde

"Holsteiner Ufer 18"

Elke Hillemann

"Berliner Allee 96"
Psychiatrist, speaks English and Russian

Dr. med. Gerhard Perchalla

"Knesebeckstraße 74"
Psychiatrist, accepts public insurance

Dr. Nicolaus Rigas

"Paulsborner Str. 3"
Psychiatrist, speaks English and Greek

Dr. med. Anne Kleiber

"Christburger Str. 38"
Psychiatrist, speaks English and Russian

Dr. Ole Georg Munkvold

Giesebrechtstraße 13
Psychiatrist, accepts public insurance

David Barnes

Psychotherapist, privately insured clients only

Psychotherapie Blagec

" Bleibtreustraße 12A"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English, German and Croatian. Private pay only.

Diplom-Psychologin Sybille Aßmann

"Linienstraße 130"
Psychologist, accepts public insurance

Praxis für Paartherapie - Julia Bellabarba

"Kronenstraße 4"
Couple's therapist. Speaks English, German and Italian. Private pay clients only.

Dipl. - Psych. Nicholas Bellafiore

"Rodenbergstraße 6"
Psychotherapist, private pay only.

Anja Benesch

"Gleimstraße 40"
Psychotherapist. Private pay and privately insured patients only.

Individual Therapy Berlin - Ghazaleh Bailey

"Saarbrücker Str. 28"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English, German and Persian.

Dipl.-Psych. Monika Mitchell

"Herrfurthstraße 13"
Psychologist, private insurance only

Dipl.-Psych. Christine Mandl-Scheimberg

"Linienstraße 137"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English and Hebrew.

Carrie Argent

"Puschkinallee 4A"
Integrative arts psychotherapy

Ursula Bartholomew-Günther

"Zionskirchstraße 25"
Psychiatry and psychotherapy. EMDR therapy. Accepts public insurance.

The Living Body (Julianne Appel-Opper)

"Pariser Platz 61"
Psychological Psychotherapist, UKCP reg. Psychotherapist. Private pay and private health insurance only.

Frau Dipl.-Psych. Heidi Hooper Amri

"Pariser Str. 61"
Child Therapist (behavioral)

Psychotherapeutische Praxisgemeinschaft Friedenau

"Südwestkorso 3"
Heike Peters is an English-speaking therapist

Dr. Pheasant

"Liselotte-Herrmann-Straße 3"
American psychotherapist. Accepts private pay and private health insurance.

Privatpraxis Dima Salloum

"Christinenstraße 5"
Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, specialised in cognitive behavioural therapy and adult ADHD. Accepts private pay and private health insurance.

Sarah-Jane Ryan

"Manfred-von-Richthofen-Straße 9"
Psychological counsellor, specialized in anxiety and depression. Accepts privately insured clients and private pay.

Eva Štajner

"Auf dem Helmholtzplatz"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English and Slovenian. Private pay only. Consultation in person or via Skype.

Josh Flowers Counselling

"Am Tempelhofer Berg 7D"
English speaking psychological counsellor licensed in the US as a professional counsellor/addiction counsellor.

Aditi Kulkarni

"Bismarckstraße 82"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English, Hindi and Marathi. Private pay only.

Dr. Christian Dombrowe

"Cantianstraße 17"

Frau Dipl.-Psych. Nadja Ursula Gogolin

"Welserstraße 1012"
Psychotherapist, group therapist

Blanka Leeker, MA

Spandauer Damm 54
US licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Speaks English and German. Privately insured clients and private pay only.

Dr. Babette Gekeler

"Gierkepl. 8"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English and German.

Mittelweg 50

"Mittelweg 50"
10 English-speaking counsellors with different approaches to therapy. Private pay and private insurance only.

Dipl.-Psych. Jana Harthauß

"Helmholtzstraße 11"
Psychotherapist, speaks English and German. Accepts public and private insurance.

Sandra Cotta, Psychologische Psychotherapeutin

"Rheinsberger Str. 35"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English and German. Accepts private insurance.

Thomas Hatton

"Lauterberger Str. 15"
Counsellor. Speaks English. Private pay only.

Didem Atahan-Fabig

"Schlegelstraße 11"
US-licensed mental health counselor. Speaks English, Turkish and French. Private pay only.

Dominic Decker

"Schliemannstraße 41"
Therapist. Speaks English. Private pay only.

Alastair Roberts Counselling

"Hewaldstraße 2"
UK Accredited Counsellor, Therapist and Coach. Speaks English. Offers online counselling. CBT/REBT and Schema Therapy. Private pay only.

Anne Piotrowski

"Knaackstraße 84"
Psychologist, private pay only.

360° Psychotherapie

"Berliner Allee 88"
Multiple locations, some English-speaking therapists. Private pay only.

Psychotherapy Rachel Karsen Hafermaas

"Auguststraße 84"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English, French and Spanish. Private pay only.

Dipl.-Psych. Miriam Reer

"Chodowieckistraße 3"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English and German. Specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Private pay, private insurance or Bahn BKK accepted.

Ariane Fuechtner

"Bismarckstraße 82"
Psychotherapist, specialized in somatic experiencing (trauma therapy) and burnout prevention. Accepts private pay and private health insurance.

Dr. Grace O'Malley

"Choriner Str. 46"
Clinical psychologist qualified in Ireland. Offers psychological counselling and therapeutic interventions. Speaks English and German. Private pay only.

Tidal Grace

"Dresdener Str."
Psychotherapist. Specialises in depersonalisation, trauma, depression, anxiety and couples therapy. Speaks English. Private pay only.

Dr. Birgit Hansen

"Willibald-Alexis-Straße 39"
Psychotherapist (HPG). Specialized in EMDR, Hypnosis, and client-centered therapy. Speaks English and German. Accepts private pay and some private insurances.

Katie Knight, Berlin Counseling

"Lichtburgring 13"
Psychotherapist, private pay only.

Philip Sheldon

"Biebricher Str. 15"
Integrative counsellor. Specialises in LGBTQ+ issues, couples and individuals. Private pay only.

Dr. Anja Westram

"Schnackenburgstraße 6"
Psychotherapist. Therapy for borderline, trauma and sexual abuse. Speaks English and Germany. Private pay, private insurance and public insurance by reimbursement procedure.

Dipl.Psych. Kristina Oelschläger

"Voigtstraße 31A"
Psychotherapist. Speaks English and German.

Juliane Meyer-Clason

"Vorbergstraße 9"
Systemic Therapist. Singles and Couples Counseling in English, German, and Portuguese. Private Pay only.

Dr. Jessica Harbaugh

"Fürbringerstraße 18"
Psychologist from the US. Psychodynamic and humanistic/person-centred psychotherapy. Individuals, LGBTQ and POC-allied. Focus on depression, self-esteem, trauma. Private pay only.

Christiane Klingner

"Mainzer Str. 13"
Child and Adolescent psychotherapist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Speaks English and German. Private pay, private health insurance and public insurance by reimbursement procedure possible.

Sean Carden

"Thulestraße 34"
Humanistic Counsellor specialising in depression, anxiety and addiction. Speaks English. Private pay only

Dr. Michael Cugialy

"Iltisstraße 4"
Cognitive behavioural therapist. Speaks English and German. Private health insurance and private pay accepted.

Johannes Mittermair

Pfarrstraße 110
Psychotherapist for adolescents and adults. Speaks English and German. Private pay, private insurance and Bahn BKK accepted.

Daniel Friedrich

Chausseestraße 56
Psychotherapist, emotion-focused therapy, specialised in anxiety, depression and addiction. Speaks English and German. Private insurance and private pay only.

Praxis Polina Godau

Mommsenstraße 34
Therapist. Specialises in psychodynamic psychotherapy (deep psychology). Speaks German, English and Russian. Private health insurance and private pay accepted.

Dipl.-Psych. Wiebke Hannig

Gleimstraße 40
Psychotherapist. Cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, videobased therapy. Speaks English and German. Private health insurance and private pay only.

Dr. Valentin Zahrnt

Prenzlauer Berg
Therapist. Specialises in public speaking anxieties and general communication problems. Speaks English, French and German. Private pay only.

Dipl.-Psych. Özgür Cengiz

Beethovenstraße 4
Psychotherapist. Speaks English, Turkish and German.

Ana Morin

Immanuelkirchstraße 22
Sex therapy, polyamory counselling. Speaks English, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. Private insurance and private pay only.


  • Qtishat Abdelnasser

    Looking for a Dr. work with ADHD can speak Arabic or English and take Public insurance

  • Annabel Ellicott

    Hello! Looking for a therapist that accepts either public health insurance or accepts the reimbursement process and speaks English. Have been looking without any luck for a while now. Would really like to find someone to help with my Anxiety, PTSD and trauma. Thank you.

  • Amy

    Hi there,
    I’m interested in EMDR Therapy and i have TK insurance.
    My English is okay, and I don’t speak German.
    I’m working here in Berlin, and my anxiety is getting worse. I have ignored this fear inside of me more than 10 years and I feel it’s time to have therapy... and I found EMDR.
    I wonder if I can find EMDR therapy with insurance coverage...

    Thank you in advance.

  • Dafni Milioni

    Hi, I am a Counselling Psychologist, MSc, Ph.D (UK qualifications), listed in the ACT Directory and would like to be additionally placed on your list. My office is in Charlottenburg and I work with individuals and couples (private pay, privately insured) in English, Greek and Spanish (C1 level). My website is :


  • Hedda Joyce

    Urgent Help needed for my daughter aged 25, who is in Berlin trying to find a therapist with English as first language specialised in addiction. Any help?

  • Hemanshu Shah

    I am in a very bad condition and I am unable to find Psychiatrist. Please help me .

  • Nicholas Chesterfield

    Good morning, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get help from. I am an English speaker with a little German. I am insured by Barmer Krankenkasse but it seems impossible to find a psychiatrist. I have been referred for my doctor for an assessment and report due to acute depression.
    Can anyone help?

  • Shae

    I called Dr. Ole Georg Munkvold's office (number 12 on the list) and the person who answered the call said explicitly that the office doesn't communicate in English. It's quite disheartening.

  • Katrin Schuy

    I am a systemic therapist and have a private practice in Berlin-Karlshorst. Most of my clients (individuals and couples) have relationship problems (conflicts, power struggles, ambivalences, separations, ...). I also do family constellations for those who want get a new perspective on their family history.
    I‘d be glad to be on your list.
    Katrin Schuy
    Systemic Therapy for Men, Women, Couples and Families
    Katrin Schuy

  • Anja Westram

    I am a licensed psychotherapist and offer psychodynamic psychotherapy for individuals and groups in english. I‘d be glad if you could put me on your list.
    Dr. Anja Westram
    Schnackenburgstraße 6
    12159 Berlin (Friedenau), U- und S-Bahnhof Bundesplatz
    Phone 01525 / 218 49 39

  • Jane Palmer

    I am an English therapist working in Berlin and was wondering how I could get myself on your listing?
    Best wishes,
    Jane Palmer