What is the 10-Uhr-Karte?

The 10-Uhr-Karte is a monthly public transit ticket in Berlin. It's 26% cheaper than the regular monthly ticket (Monatskarte),1 but you can't use it 3AM and 10AM on weekdays. If you don't travel during those times, the 10-Uhr-Karte is a good way to save money.

The 10-Uhr-Karte is valid on all buses, trams and trains in Berlin, just like other public transit tickets. You can buy a 10-Uhr-Karte for zones A and B, or for zones A, B and C.

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When can I use the 10-Uhr-Karte?

From 10AM to 3AM on weekdays, and at any time during the weekend or public holidays.

Can I bring a bicycle with the 10-Uhr-Karte?

No. You need a separate bicycle ticket (Fahrradskarte) for your bicycle. If it's a folding bicycle, you can carry it without a ticket when it's folded.

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Can I bring a friend with the 10-Uhr-Karte?

No. The 10-Uhr-Karte does not let you bring a friend with you, but it lets you bring a small dog, or up to three children under 6 years old, like other tickets.

Where can I buy the 10-Uhr-Karte?

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