Document translations

Important German documents translated to English.

Abmeldung einer Wohnung Deregistration of a residence

This is the document you must fill to deregister your address in Berlin.

Absichtserklärung Muster Letter of intent example

An example letter of intent used to apply for the German freelance visa.

Absichtserklärung Vorlage Letter of intent template

A letter of intent template in English and German to help you apply for the German freelance visa.

Anmeldung einer Wohnung Registration of a residence

Instruction on how to fill the Anmeldung form. This is the document you must fill to register your address in Berlin.

Anschreiben Cover letter

When you apply for the German freelance visa, it's useful to write a good cover letter. Here's an example.

Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels Application for a Visa or Residence Permit

The official English translation of the German freelance visa application form

Ertragsvorschau Revenue forecast

You must prepare this document for your German freelancer visa interview. This is the official document for the Berlin Ausländerbehörde.

Finanzierungsplan Financing plan template

This is a template for the Finanzierungsplan, a document you must bring to your German freelance visa interview

Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung Questionnaire for tax collection

The English translation of the form all German freelancers and small businesses must fill, along with instructions on how to fill it.

Wohnungsgeberbestätigung Confirmation from the landlord

An English translation of the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung. You must fill this document and bring it to your Anmeldung appointment.