You need this form to apply for a freelance visa in Berlin. It’s called the revenue forecast (Ertragsvorschau).

How to apply for a freelance visa ➞

This is the official template from You can use your own template, but some Ausländerbehörde employees prefer the official template.

How to fill the revenue forecast

You must describe your estimated income and expenses. It must be believable, but not perfectly accurate. Be ambitious! It’s better to estimate too high than too low.1 If you convince the Ausländerbehörde that you will make a lot of money, you can get a longer freelance visa.

Include health insurance, income tax and VAT. Do not include your own rent and expenses.

  • Rent: This is for your business rent. For example, rent for an office or a coworking space. Do not include your apartment rent.
  • Trade tax: You can calculate your trade tax (Gewerbesteuer) with the Gewerbesteuer calculator. If you are a Freiberufler, you don’t need to pay any trade tax. – More about the trade tax
  • Other business taxes: You can leave this field empty, or include your expected income tax. Calculate your income tax with this calculator. If you pay trade tax (Gewerbesteuer), you pay less income tax. Write your total income tax minus your total trade tax.
Sources and footnotes
  1. Sebastian Hoffmann from Touring Artists (November 2022)