This document comes from, the official website of the city of Berlin. It's hosted here to make it easier to find. You can find the original document on this page.

When you go to the Ausländerbehörde for your German freelance visa interview, you must fill this form and bring it with you. This document is called the revenue forecast, or the profit and loss statement.

How to fill this form

  • You can use your own template, but some Ausländerbehörde employees prefer the official template. I used my own template. You can find it here: English / German.
  • Rent: Do not include your personal expenses in this form, only your business expenses. For example, the "Rent" field is for the cost of your office or coworking space, not for your personal rent.
  • Trade tax: You can calculate your Gewerbesteuer by using this calculator. If you are a Freiberufler, you don't need to pay any trade tax.
  • Other business taxes: You can leave this field blank, or include your expected income tax. You can calculate your income tax with this calculator.