How to find an apartment in Berlin

How to find an apartment in Berlin

Finding an apartment in Berlin is a daunting task, but these resources should make it easier for you.

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How to prepare?

In Berlin's highly competitive housing market, you need to come prepared if you want to stand a chance. Before you start flat hunting, make sure you have all of these:

  • A Schufa, the German equivalent to a credit check. Here is how you can get a free Schufa.
  • Money for the security deposit. Most landlords require 3 months of rent for the Kaution. This is the maximum they can legally ask for. If you don't have enough money to cover the deposit, 
  • Money for the first month's rent. 
  • A bank account from which you can transfer money to your landlord. Germans use bank transfers, not cheques or cash.
  • Time. You won't find an apartment in a week. Unless you have a permissive budget, finding an apartment in Berlin can take months. Don't despair!

Where to look?

General apartment search

Classified ads

Housing companies

Facebook groups

Short term and furnished apartments

WGs, shared flats and roommates

Specific needs

Booking a visit

Once you've found a list of interesting apartments, it's time to visit them. Don't write to the landlords, give them a call. With hundreds of people queuing up to visit each apartment, your messages will go unanswered.

If you receive a reply from an agent, don't be surprised to visit with a dozen other people. They fit more people into a single visit to save time.

Picking a good place

The following tools will help you make sure you pick a good apartment in the best area for you.