Moving to Berlin: the definitive guide

Moving to Berlin: the definitive guide

The definitive guide to settling in Berlin, Germany. Everything you need to know about starting a new life in the German capital.

So it's official, you're moving to Berlin! Below are dozens of excellent guides that cover everything from finding an your first flat in Berlin to getting rid of your small change. If you are new in Germany, this page is an excellent starting point.

Before moving to Germany

Are you ready to make the plunge? Before you move to Germany, you need to understand a few important things.

Finding a place to live in Berlin

Finding a job in Berlin

Getting help

Your first month in Berlin

During your first few weeks in Germany, you need to open a bank accountfind a place to live, register your address, and a few more things. These guides should help you.

Understanding the basics

Filling the paperwork

Useful contacts

Starting a business in Germany

Your first year in Germany

Once you have all your paperwork sorted out, you will want to learn how to do things the German way, from sorting your trash to paying your taxes.

Day to day life in Berlin

Driving in Berlin

Using public transit in Berlin