How to get a free Schufa

If you are applying for an apartment in Berlin, you will almost always be asked to include a Schufa in your application. This is how you obtain a Schufa-Auskunft for free

If you are applying for an apartment, you will almost always be asked to include a Schufa in your application. The Schufa is the German equivalent of a credit score. A good Schufa score indicates that your landlord can trust you to pay the rent on time every month.

A Schufa record is automatically created for you when you register at the Bürgeramt for the first time, open a bank account or sign up for a cellphone contract.

Getting a Schufa for free

You can request one free Schufa per year from You need to fill the form and send it by mail along with copies of your passport and residence certificate (the Anmeldebestätigung or Meldebescheinigung you get from the Anmeldung). Some time later, you will receive a SCHUFA-Datenübersicht by mail. This contains all the information your landlord needs.

When filling the request form, leave the "Alternative Schufa" section blank1. This is essentially the same report, but it has a fancier format and costs 30 euros. The free report already contains all the information your landlord needs1.


There are two different Schufa report types. Schufa Holding AG is forced by law to disclose the data they have on you for free1, 2. That's why the free Schufa is called "Data overview according to § 34 BDSG" (Datenübersicht nach § 34 BDSG).

This is what the free Schufa report looks like.1

This is what the 30€ Schufa report looks like.

Getting a Schufa as fast as possible

You can obtain a Schufa for free from as explained above, but if you need one immediately, it's easier to pay and get one from a bank.

Postbank and Volksbank branches will print out your Schufa even if you are not one of their customers. The service costs € 24.95. Use the branch locator on to find locations near you.

If you have a printer at home, you can get a Schufa from ImmobilienScout24 and print it yourself. You will be charged € 29.95, but you can download and print it instantly.


  • Dieter Plingers

    good midday i want to do the free schufa but i dont have an adres since i need the schufa get the apartment to get the anmeldung. which btw does not make any sense


    • Reply to Dieter Plingers

  • Arif Raza

    I need my Schufa as soon as possible because in these days I am looking for a flats in Berlin


    • Reply to Arif Raza

  • Richard

    Hey, I did the paid Schufa from Immobilien24 but it's asking me for a bank code to verify my identity. How do I get this? I don't have a German bank account yet?


    • Reply to Richard

    • Donnabelle Embodo

      Same for me. I paid via credit card (international), I'm not sure what to put as bank code here for verification. Does immobilien24, send this to you once payment is confirmed?


      • Reply to Donnabelle Embodo

  • Tom

    Hey, I’m Tom.

    I need to somehow extract my entire Anmeldung registration records from Germany to show in my home country for the sake of Tax stuff. Also working VIsa records and history and Finanzamt stuff. Any tips?

    I was registered once in Berlin, then Leipzig, now Berlin again. Any idea how?


    • Reply to Tom

    • Nicolas Bouliane

      Hey Tom, I don't think they hold a record of your previous addresses, but you could probably use paycheques, phone and electricity bills to prove that you lived in different address. Your older visas should still be in your passport. You could also dig up visa appointments and letters of confirmation.

      Good luck!


      • Reply to Nicolas Bouliane

  • Antonio

    2019 Update:
    On the same link for "request one free Schufa", you can now complete the process online (with document upload), no need to send anything by mail anymore.


    • Reply to Antonio

    • Ricardo

      By any chance did you received a confirmation after submiting your information?
      I did twice and it simply sent me to the page were it gives you the option to get a free one or pay for one.


      • Reply to Ricardo

      • Ed

        Same for me. Anyone else know anything about this?


        • Reply to Ed

        • Jason

          It did that to me the first time, but then I filled it out again and it gave me a confirmation and said they would send it to me via post. If it sent you back to the original screen again, then I'm pretty sure you need to do it again. I used Chrome, so if you are using a different browser maybe you can try Chrome instead.


          • Reply to Jason

          • Victoria

            I have filled it out twice and the only confirmation I received was a text saying

            "Meine Bestellung „Datenkopie (nach Art. 15 DS-GVO)“
            Ihre Bestellung einer Kopie der personenbezogenen Daten (nach Art. 15 DS-GVO) haben wir erhalten."

            I'm not sure how long it takes to get mailed. I put in my request mid April so I'm not shocked it still has not arrived yet.


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  • Mehrdad

    Thank you for your explanaitions regarding free Schufa
    I went to the same address as it is mentioned here, there was no form to fill in and email, but instead I filled information on their website and uploaded my passport copy and a copy of my anmeldung and that was all. so far!


    • Reply to Mehrdad

    • Bruno

      Same for me, hope it works.
      I've ordered a Bonitaetscheck as well but it only shows a quick confirmation that my Schufa is positive, but no scored or overview. This is enough for landlords but I also want to see my actual score and possible "mistakes" to get them solved this year.


      • Reply to Bruno

      • Sivas

        There are "SCHUFA-Bonitätscheck" and "SCHUFA-Auskunft". The first one just gives you enough information for the landlord whether it is a positive or negative score. The Auskuft gives a much detailed score as you wanted.


        • Reply to Sivas

  • Adam Addo

    Please i had misunderstanding with Vodafone company about my simcard and payment .becouse of that i become a victim of schufa,And i have already finish my payment some month ago,please how long it will take,Because i need to change appointment close to the area I'm working.thanks


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