The Abmeldung - how to deregister in Berlin

The Abmeldung - how to deregister in Berlin

When you leave Berlin - hopefully for greener pastures - you must deregister with the city. This process is called the Abmeldung. Here is how it's done.

Who needs to deregister?

If you are moving somewhere else in Germany, you do not need to deregister your current address. It will be deregistered automatically when you register your new address.

An Abmeldung is required if:

  • You are moving out of Germany and will not have an address in Germany anymore.
  • You are leaving one residence, but you are not moving to a new address. For example, if you have two apartments and sell one of them, but still live in the other, you must deregister the apartment you sold.

An Abmeldung is not necessary if:

  • You are temporarily moving out of Germany, but will return to the same address. For example, if you are studying abroad for a semester, you don't need to deregister.
  • You are moving to a new address in Germany. You only need to register your new address, and your old address will be deregistered automatically.

What happens when you deregister?

When you deregister, many services will be notified of your address change. If you don't have any address in Germany, your bank may block your account without notice.

How to do an Abmeldung

The Abmeldung can be done in person or by mail. It costs nothing. You only need to fill this form.

In person at the Bürgeramt

The in-person Abmeldung works exactly like the Anmeldung: you make an appointment with one of these Bürgeramt locations, fill the Abmeldung form and give it to them.

By registered mail

The Abmeldung form can also be filled at home and sent to one of these Bürgeramt locations by registered mail. Fill the Abmeldung form, go to your post office and ask to send the letter per Einschreiben.