How to create a Service-Konto Berlin

This is how you create a Berlin service account (Service-Konto Berlin). You need a service account to get a Kitagutschein, or get a Gewerbeschein.

How to create an account

Create the account here. The account creation form is in German, but it’s very simple. Just use the English instructions.

When you create the account, select security level 1 (Sicherheitsstufe 1).

Berlin Service-Konto form, step 1
Fill the form. Select "Sicherheitsstufe 1"
Berlin Service-Konto form, step 2
Tick the box, and click "Registrierung abschliessen"
Berlin Service-Konto form, last step
Berlin Service-Konto activation email
Wait for the account activation email. Click on the activation link.
Berlin Service-Konto login form
Log in

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