Where to look for English-speaking jobs

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Industries that hire English speakers in Berlin

The tourism industry needs English-speaking tour guides, hostel staff, counsellors and so on. In many cases, you also need to speak German, but there are many exceptions.

Tech companies and startups usually have English-speaking offices. If you can code, it should be easy to find a job in Berlin, even if you don't speak German. Most software developers in Berlin work in English. These companies often have customer service jobs too.

Food delivery companies like Lieferando, Wolt and Gorillas don't require delivery employees to speak German.

Some bars, coffee shops and restaurants hire employees who don't speak German. This is not the norm, but it's more and more common.

Customer service jobs usually require you to speak one or more language, but not necessarily German. Many call centres are looking for English, French and Spanish-speaking employees in Berlin. You can also look for customer support jobs at startups, since many of them offer customer support in English.

Social media and writing jobs are also an option if you have a good grasp of the English language. Companies of all sizes are looking for people who can manage their media presence and write content for their website.

Teaching English in Berlin

The market for English teachers in Berlin is saturated. Finding a job will be very hard if you are not certified, or if you don't speak fluent German1.

ELTABB is the local English teachers' association. Their website has a job board and many useful resources.

Freelancing in English in Berlin

If you are a freelancer, you can work for English-speaking clients in other countries. You can also find English-speaking clients in Berlin. This is easy for certain jobs like software development and IT.

If you need a freelance visa to work in Germany, you must have some German clients. If you don't have clients in Germany, you will not the visa.

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