Update: I have received many applications. I will not accept more. If you already applied, you will receive an update in the next few days.

All About Berlin is looking for its first employee. There are too many guides to maintain and many more to write, so I need help.

The minijob

This is a minijob. It pays 15€ per hour, for up to 30 hours per month. In other words, you will make 450€ per month. This is a fully remote job.

This job is 80% research, and 20% writing. Your responsibilities are to...

  • Research different topics about life in Berlin
  • Email or phone people to find answers
  • Write drafts for new All About Berlin guides
  • Update old guides with new information

This is not a marketing, SEO or social media job. Your task is to make All About Berlin a more useful resource, not to grow traffic or revenue.

What I need

  • Berlin resident
    We write guides for Berliners. You must understand the challenges of life in Berlin.
  • Fluent German speaker
    You will do most of your research on German websites. You must understand German "legalese", and summarise it in English. You will sometimes need to write emails and make phone calls in German.
  • Fluent English speaker
    We communicate in English. You will also write drafts in English. You don't need to be a great writer, since all our guides are in simple English.
  • Meticulous researcher
    People rely on the content we write. Our guides have to be complete and accurate. We can't make mistakes, and we can't forget things. We cite our sources, and we continually improve old guides. This is very important.
  • Experience as a student
    Your first job will be to write guides for students. You need to know what students need, and how to help them.
  • Experience as an immigrant
    Most of our visitors are immigrants. They face different challenges than German citizens, and we must know how to help them.
  • A computer with internet
    It only needs a web browser, no special software.
  • A valid German visa
    You must be able to have a minijob in Germany.

What I offer

  • Money
    15€ per hour, up to 450€ per month.
  • Flexible schedule
    There is no rush. We write guides when they are needed, and we publish them when they are ready. We don't have customers, nor rush periods. You can set your own hours, and work when you're the most productive.
  • Fully remote
    You can work from anywhere you want. However, you must be a Berlin resident.