Tens of thousands of Ukrainians refugees arrived in Berlin. They need your help. This guide shows you how to help.


At the train stations

Use to coordination chat to see if they need your help. If they don't ask for volunteers, don't go to the train station1. It only creates more work for the organisers1.

At the arrival centre in Tegel

This is the arrival centre run by the government. This is where refugees arrive, receive basic care, and are distributed to other places in Germany. The arrival centre on Oranienburger Straße closed on March 25.

At the central bus station (ZOB)

    At home

    Other ways to volunteer

    If you want to drive to Poland or Ukraine to deliver goods or transport refugees, talk to an organization first. Too many people do it, and it creates traffic jams at the Ukrainian border and other problems1. It might be better to donate money than to spend it on gas.

    Host refugees

      Host pets

      The rules for entering with a pet are relaxed for Ukrainian refugees. More information here.

      Before you donate, check what is needed. If you donate things that are not needed, it creates more work for the organisers.


      Vitsche Berlin announces protests on Instagram and Facebook. During the protests, there are live updates on Twitter.

      Stay informed

      Coordination groups

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